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Resources for faith and spirituality

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We keep a supply of faith resources at the Faith and Spirituality Centre at Penrhyn Road, but due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, have had to remove these temporarily. Our stock usually includes some material which is free, some which may be borrowed and some for reference only.

In the meantime, if you are a Kingston University student or staff member you can visit our online resources page on MyKingston. Please remember, you will need a Kingston University login to access this content.

It includes:

  • Bibles;
  • sacred texts from world faiths;
  • magazines covering faith and world issues;
  • books on spirituality, prayer, Christian theology and world faiths;
  • directories for churches, faith groups and religious contacts; and
  • objects and pictures to aid prayer and meditation.

If you are a Kingston University student or staff member here at Kingston please also see our Resources page on MyKingston.

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