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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to see my doctor first?

You don't need to see your doctor, but you may feel more comfortable getting some medical advice before booking an appointment.

Is the treatment a course or can they be one-off treatments?

This depends on your choice of therapy – some can be one off and others work best if you have a course of treatment. Consult the therapist for details.

How well will the therapy treat my condition?

If you have a specific condition it may be possible for you to have a chat with the complementary therapist before you book an appointment. Alternatively you may be able to book a consultation appointment to discuss your needs with the therapist when they are at the University.

Will it hurt?

Therapists are all professionally trained and you should not feel any pain.

What if I am allergic to something?

If you have allergies, it is important that you tell the therapist.

Is there anything I can't eat or drink before my therapy?

If there are any requirements the receptionist will let you know at the time of booking.

How long will the treatment last?

Different therapies have different durations; please ask the receptionist at time of booking.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing.

Will I have to take off my clothes?

For some complementary therapies you may need to take off some clothing. If you do need to take clothing off, you will be kept covered with towels at all times.

Is the therapist a man or a woman?

Please ask the receptionist at the time of booking.

If I have mobility problems can I still access the therapies?

The therapies are held in downstairs rooms. If you have a disability and are concerned, please ask the receptionist.

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