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What our students from China say

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our current and recent students say about what it's like to study at Kingston:

Ren Pengyuan

Ren Pengyuan, Film Making MA (2009 graduate), director of China Film Group

"During the year I stayed in Kingston, I not only acquired precious knowledge of my area of expertise, but also the most valuable life experiences. Kingston is a university that attaches great importance to the combination of theory and practice." Read more.

Tan Tian

Tan Tian, Fine Art BA (year 1)

"During my two years in Kingston, I have learned a lot of things, including many fresh art concepts not available in China." Read more.

Li Zelin

Li Zelin, Business Management PhD, chairman of CSSA UK 2008–09

"Located in the area surrounding central London, Kingston is well known for its beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and life with good public order and security." Read more.

Zhu Jia

Zhu Jia, Graphic Design MA (2004 graduate), project manager, Shanghai EXPO

"I was lucky enough to meet my tutor Stuart, and he encouraged me all the time to ;turn my rough idea into more solid concepts thus making them more reliable." Read more.

Song Yi

Song Yi, International Finance MSc (2004 graduate), working for an American company in Guangzhou

"The beautiful Kingston Hill campus which is like an oasis of tranquility away from the bustle of central London." Read more.

You can also watch video clips of some of our students talking about life in the UK:

Meet Karen from Hong Kong - an international student at Kingston University

Nutrition BSc year 1 student Karen from Hong Kong talking about her experience in Kingston.

Meet Tonny from Hong Kong - an international exchange student at Kingston University

Business Management BA year 2 exchange student Tonny from Hong Kong talking about his experience in Kingston.

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