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What our students from Pakistan say

Khurram Razi Khan

Name: Khurram Razi Khan
Course: Business Management BA

"The business management course at Kingston has provided me with the opportunity of specialising in the field of management, providing me with a platform to build a successful career by giving me the opportunity to tailor my degree according to my preference. Moreover, this course helps to open greater opportunities for me as the field of management has high demand globally which will help me to serve for various organisations internationally.

"The teaching material and professors at the Kingston Business School make one's university studies an experience, where a right mix of theory and practical work are blended together to prepare a person for today's challenging professional job market. The teaching is conversant with a globally-changing job market, preparing a student for a successful career in renowned multinational companies.

"Kingston Business School has a prime location with an easy accessibility. Moreover, it hosts a vibrant community of students and staff, with a fulfilling and exciting study experience, equipping students with key skills to work successfully in a challenging work environment. The campus is situated on Kingston Hill; with a beautiful and serene vista combined with excellent facilities to aid a progressive learning environment.

"The student life at Kingston is excellent, generating a cohesive bond with the University and one feels like a part of a big and vibrant family, building lifelong networks and friendships during the duration of study.

"The student accommodation on campus makes it easier for first year students to blend in with the university's social life, along with easing the transition into a new community and country.

"The Pakistani Student Society has helped me to socialise with other international students with a Pakistani origin to help me get over the culture shock phase at the start of my degree and I have made good friends with a number of members in the society.

"The lecture theatres and building are state-of-the-art, providing the right environment for students to aid their learning. Moreover, the library facilities give students the access to extensive resources for research for their assignments.

"I will most certainly recommend students to study at Kingston University as it helps students from scratch, building a strong base which enables students to achieve high academic scores through well-defined program structures. Furthermore, the University has excellent contacts with major organisations, providing students with an opportunity to get work placements to develop their careers even further."

Ali Shaikh

Name: Ali Shaikh
Course: Software Engineering BSc

"I am enjoying my course as I am learning new things and gaining new knowledge every day. The course has helped me develop my skills not just in computing but various other fields. At the moment I am on placement where I get hands-on experience and I am able to apply the skills I learned from my course in my job which makes it easier to do certain tasks.

"I find that the teaching staff are well trained and know what they are doing. They are always open for discussion and provide support when needed. Overall I find the teaching at the University satisfactory.

"I am based at the main Penrhyn Road campus, located in the heart of Kingston. The campus has a really nice student feel to it which is always welcoming and is a motivation for students in its own. It's close to town and river side if you want to do something in your free time between lectures.

"I love living in Kingston upon Thames. It's a small beautiful town and the riverside in particular is spectacular. It has everything from restaurants to high-end shopping malls.

"I would recommend the student accommodation especially if you are an international student. You are always around students which makes it easier to adjust to the UK as well as student life. It is like your own little student community. The rooms are a good size, with a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom. Excellent security and helpful staff. Also, there is a free university bus which goes from accommodation to the other campuses.

"I am very impressed by the facilities. Specially for my course, we have fully equipped computer labs with the latest PCs, a 24-hour library and the lecture and classrooms are very well designed and equipped with the latest equipment required for my course.

"I would highly recommend studying at Kingston University; excellent teaching staff, wide subject areas, friendly atmosphere, beautiful campuses and area, excellent teaching facilities and great overall student experience."

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