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What our students from Thailand say

Krittiya Kuldiloke

Name: Krittiya Kuldiloke
Course: Communication Design (Graphic Design) MA

Why did you choose to study in the UK?
"The UK has a long history for creative, design, art and craft industries such as architecture, fine art, communication design, fashion design, film and video. A lot of museums and galleries in the UK created many new inspirations for designers. Moreover, many famous artists came from the UK such as The Beatles, the British rock band in 1960, and Sir Jonathan Ive, the British designer working for Apple. That is why I would like to learn and explore many different designs to improve my skills for my career in the future."

Why did you choose Kingston University?
"Actually, I was invited to study at a couple universities in London. I was searching on the web and I found that Kingston University is one of the highest ranked universities in the UK, and provided the quality classes and effective learning systems which I can improve my skills and mastering more complicated design tasks. Kingston University is a well-known university in the art and design world, also a nice environment to live and study. The River Thames is along the university and a shopping centre is nearby. Moreover, it is convenient to go to central London within half an hour for more inspirations, seeing museums, meeting up with Thai friends and I strongly believed that I would be able to have an outstanding education with this university."

What was life like at the University?
"My student life was full of many international friends and experiences. My friends and I always spent a few hours every day in the library, where I could find many interesting books and borrow many movies to watch at my accommodation. The first time, I was living in a hall of residence where I met new international friends. Also, we loved to exchange, share information, help and hang out together. Sometimes I liked to meet up with my classmate in the Student Union bar; students often come here to eat and chill out after finishing class. That helped me to improve my English and have lots of fun."

What did you like most about the University?
"In the university there are many workshops and equipment that students are allowed to use such as a big printer in the computer studio and a professional camera in the photo studio for communication design students, many machines for fashion design students, and a workshop studio for cutting materials for product design students. I had an opportunity to learn and create my own design which I really enjoyed. Also the adviser was very helpful when I had questions and needs some help. In addition, the ISAC (visa adviser from the university) was always looking after me while I was preparing the documents for renewing my visa in the UK."

What was the most important thing you learned while studying at Kingston University?
"I learned the process of thinking and applying things step by step. I learned from basic design through my own project. Also, the critical and experimental aspects are important for the design research. The course had many practical design projects so I had to research and experiment a lot to make my projects successful while under time pressure. Moreover, I have gained many experiences and improved my design skills from the professors and my classmates."

What are your aspirations for the future?
"My dream career is to be a creative director in a big advertising agency. I am trying to find out and learn more as much as I can to achieve my career goals. I strongly believe that a great inspiration comes from travelling, meeting people, learning and collecting things in the different places. So I can transfer and apply to my own design. That is why I decided to go to study in the UK to gain more experience."

Do you feel that the University prepared you well for the future?
"I have more confidence since I finished the course. I have learned and gained experience whilst I was studying at Kingston University. The University creates careers events for helping students to find their ideal job. Also the international office is very helpful for advising and helping students when needed. I appreciate how they always supported me and suggested that I walk to my own way. Now, I am stepping up to the next project with confidence and ready to achieve new goals in the future."

Kusalin Lunjakornkul

Name: Kusalin Lunjakornkul
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Course: International Business Management MSc

What did you enjoy most about your course?
"I loved the practical aspect that the course offered, which allowed me to experience a real-life business practice and guide me how to start up my future profession. Not to mention, I had great opportunities meeting new friends from different culture and backgrounds. The diversity of students on the course was something I considered a valuable asset in studying at Kingston."

Why would you recommend Kingston University to other prospective International students?
"Kingston University has highly experienced lecturers in the business field. Besides, it is famous for its Business School, which was founded in 1985. Even though the name of the university is not that widespread, the quality of the course and teaching made Kingston one of the best universities to be in."

What did you like most about life in Kingston?
"Kingston is a lovely town, which has the beautiful view of the River Thames. Whenever, you feel stressed or exhausted, sitting by the river will ease and freshen up your day. Moreover, Kingston is situated not too far from central London, so whenever you feel bored you can hop on the train and enjoy all the fun in the big city within a half hour journey."

What advice would you give to other Thai students thinking of studying in the UK?
"It is important that you select the right course to assist your future career, but what is more important, in my opinion is the lifestyle and experiences you are able to attain while studying. So I believe you need to have a balance of the two approaches to be able to fully enjoy your study abroad."

Any other information you would like to share about your experience in the UK?
"With a background as a graphic designer, exploring the new world of business was something challenging for me. Even though I had some hard times handling with workload and getting my head around within the business world, in time I found that I was able to develop my abilities while expand my skills and knowledge in new perspectives. This was something I achieved while studying at Kingston University and I am certain that this will benefit my future career. In terms of experiences of studying overseas, I can say that Kingston was the right choice for me because I feel that it is a very safe and clean town where I could concentrate on my study as well as enjoy a Londoner's lifestyle."

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