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Before you leave home you need to:

  • obtain the necessary permission to enter the UK (including ATAS if applicable);
  • upload your passport onto OSIS (Kingston University's Online Student Information System);
  • complete Stage 1 of enrolment online;
  • if you will be living in halls, complete and return the accommodation licence, together with £300 deposit;
  • book the airport pick-up service; and
  • notify your landlord/lady or hall manager of when you will be arriving.

The following items should go in your hand luggage:

  • passport or national identity card;
  • a printout of your CAS email (only if you are studying in the UK for more than six months);
  • entry clearance (student visa) – this is compulsory for all visa and non-visa nationals who intend to study in the UK for more than six months. Even if you are a non-visa national who intends to study for less than six months, we still recommend getting entry clearance (see and for further information);
  • offer email from Kingston University (this is the email you received offering you a place to study at Kingston University - just bring a printed copy);
  • evidence that you will be able to support yourself financially throughout your course;
  • cash and/or travellers' cheques for immediate needs on arrival;
  • credit cards;
  • details of the airport pick-up service if you are using it;
  • your accommodation address;
  • a jacket or jumper (it may be cold or raining when you arrive);
  • certificates of health, vaccinations or x-ray reports if you need them; and
  • documents to show insurance if applicable.

Please remember to keep all important documentation with you in your hand luggage when you travel.

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