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Eseza locates the right course through Clearing


Eseza locates the right course through Clearing

Eseza Mpalanyi found a place at Kingston University through Clearing after changing her plans to study further afield. Eseza Mpalanyi found keeping her studies close to home was a sure way of achieving her degree in business management. The 21 year old from Croydon in Surrey had planned to go to a university further afield, but realised the mounting costs of living away from home plus tuition fees were making her study hopes an impossibility.

“I just didn’t want to burden myself with unnecessary debt, not in these tricky economic times, and if I could stay at home and study, I thought I would be giving myself the best chance at success in the future,” Eseza said.

Eseza got online to the UCAS website to see what other course options were available and found there were places at Kingston University in South West London.  “The journey was achievable from home and, with Kingston Business School having a great reputation, I knew I needed to give them a call and find out if I could get on the course,” she said.

Kingston University’s Clearing hotline is expected to take thousands of calls.The Clearing hotline is hosted every year by students, some of whom have come through the Clearing process and so are in a good position to offer friendly and practical advice.  “I found the whole process very simple, once I had decided what I wanted to do,” Eseza said.  “When I was offered my place on the course, I felt a huge relief.  I knew I had made the right choice, not just for the short term, but looking ahead for my future too.”

Eseza’s family were also pleased that she had found a way around her problem.  “Staying at home meant I was able to contribute to family life, keep my part-time job and maintain my studies,” Eseza said.

Now looking to apply for a graduate scheme with a major employer, Eseza’s advice for students going into Clearing this year is not to rush their decisions.  “It’s worth taking the time and doing a little bit of research, even before you get your results, just so you can start to narrow down your area of interest and locations,” she said.  “My family and friends were a huge support to me, so make sure you discuss what you are doing with others when you can – it really helps clear your head when you have so many decisions to make.”

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