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Second year and beyond

Even before your son or daughter has completed their first year, they might want to start thinking about the opportunities we offer further down the line. Many degrees at Kingston include the chance to spend up to a year on a work placement or studying abroad on an exchange.

Both you and your son/daughter can find out more about these opportunities at a Kingston University open day.

Work placements

What is a work placement?

Work placements (also known as sandwich year placements) give your son or daughter the chance to gain valuable practical experience and prepare themselves for work.

Many of our business and law, computing and maths, engineering, science, and surveying and planning courses include the opportunity to undertake a work placement. Usually these take place in the student's third year, and they then return to Kingston University for their final (fourth) year.

Plus some courses (such as journalism or education) include a placement opportunity as part of the course itself. Other subject areas may also be able to arrange shorter-term placements after the first year.

Why choose a work placement?

Sandwich year placements are paid and allow the student to put their skills and knowledge into practice in a 'live' environment and often gives them good ideas on which to base their final year project. Evidence has shown that placement students often achieve a higher class degree.

Placements also boost career opportunities as employers are looking for experience on CVs; evidence shows that placement students tend to secure a graduate job quicker and earn a higher starting salary than those who don't do a placement. In fact a number of our placement students are offered a graduate job by their placement employer. A placement is also a rewarding experience and an enjoyable break from studying, allowing your son or daughter to earn some money and to come back into their final year with a fresh and enthusiastic outlook.

What support is available?

Each faculty has a specialised placement team which will guide your son or daughter through the process of applying for placements. This may include one-to-one counselling, plus advice on writing an effective CV, completing application forms and letters and attending interviews. Support may be a combination of individual help, guidance notes, workshops and guest speakers from industry. Placement and careers fairs also give your son or daughter the opportunity to meet employers on campus.

If your son or daughter is interested in a work placement, they need to consider early and apply in plenty of time. They can speak to the placements office/ placements coordinator in their faculty to find out more. We encourage our students to look at work placement opportunities around the world, not only the UK.

Why choose to study abroad?

Studying abroad on an exchange is a great opportunity to explore a different way of life, plus it demonstrates flexibility and the ability to take on a challenge – both skills that are highly valued by employers.

It can also be a chance to learn a new language or improve current language skills. However, our students don't always need a second language to study abroad as many courses are taught in English. They can choose to study abroad for a full academic year or just for a semester.

We have links with a large number of European universities through the Erasmus exchange programme. We also have exchange agreements with universities in Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Mexico.

Read more about study abroad opportunities.

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