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Sport and Active Lifestyles 'Big Read' Walking Challenge

Follow in the steps of Harold Fry and be the first to complete the VIRTUAL walk to Berwick.

Prize for the nearest person to Berwick by the end date.

Start your journey on Monday 20 January 2020.

How to take part

Step 1Download the ‘StepsApp Pedometer' to your phone and start counting your everyday steps.

Step 2Register your details with Jo Heath.

Step 3 – On Monday 20 January, start your virtual journey. Clock up your everyday steps (choose the stairs over the lift, the walk over the bus, go for that run, skip with the kids!) and see how far you get by Friday 20 March 2020. (One mile is 2,000 steps. The total journey is 627 miles). We will log your progress and will be behind you every step of the way to help keep you motivated.

Your virtual journey

Start from Kingsbridge and walk to Berwick via:

  • Bath – 104.5 miles (209,000 steps)
  • Coventry – 209 miles (418,000 steps)
  • Sheffield – 313.5 miles (627,000 steps)
  • York – 418 miles (836,000 steps)
  • Newcastle – 522.5 miles (1,045,000 steps)
  • Berwick – 627 miles (1,254,000 steps)

More information

Please contact Jo Heath if you have any queries about the Big Read Walking Challenge.

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