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Sport and Active Lifestyles Walking Challenge

Walking challenges

There are great prizes to be won in these three walking challenges for the new academic year.

  • The PICTUREesque Path Everyday Challenge – 14 September to 11 October 2020
    • Can you walk, jog, run or cycle in to campus?
    • Can you walk, jog, run or cycle part of your journey in to campus?
    • Can you walk, jog or cycle between campus sites?

    Take the challenge...

    • Choose one of the above options and start planning your new PICTUREesque path.
    • Stick to your new PICTICTUREesque path for four weeks, rain or shine, starting on the 14 September 2020.
    • Take a photo along your path, everyday, for four weeks #pictureperfectevidence #photoproofeveryday

    Positive reasons to take up this challenge...

    • Win a £50 voucher and a book for the most interesting photos and distances travelled.
    • Improve your physical fitness.
    • Reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Fewer health issues.
    • Improve your mental wellbeing
    • Time to organise your mind, positive mindset
    • Save money on travel costs.
    • Avoid crowded public transport.

    How to take part...

    • Simply register your interest with the Sport and Active Lifestyle Team and let us know which path you will be taking.
    • Send us your photo evidence each day along with your distance travelled.

    Registration and photos to be sent to Jo Heath, Sports Development Manager at


  • The Plogging Challenge – 12 October to 8 November 2020
  • What is Plogging?

    Plogging is a Swedish fitness craze that combines exercise and eco-friendly activity.

    The idea is simple-go out for a walk, jog or run and pick up any plastic you find on your route.

    What is the challenge?

    For 4 weeks starting on 12th October 2020 grab yourself a pair of gloves and a bin liner and go out plogging as many times as you can. (Following Covid guidelines for PPE and social distancing at all times)

    Why take up the challenge?

    • Win yourself a £50 voucher and a book for being our top plogger-awarded to most amount of plastic collected and most amount of trips out.
    • Improve your health and well-being
    • Positive impact on your local environment and community
    • Clock up volunteering hours and points for the Kingston Awards
    • Enhance your CV and employability by engaging in extra curriculum activities
    • Enhance your HEARS report for future employers
    • Inspire others

    How to take part...

    Simply register your interest with the Sport and Active Lifestyle Team to get all the details.

    Contact Jo Heath, Sports Development Manager at

  • The Great Big Walking Challenge – 9 November to 13 December 2020
  • Do you ever read the word 'challenge' and think that's just not for me? Why not change your mindset, maybe for the first time, and simply give it a go?

    You don't have to be great to start but you do need to start to be great. Starting on 9th November 2020, make a pledge to yourself to start walking wherever you can instead of using public transport or driving. Count and log your steps on the free step counting app called the 'StepsApp Pedometer'.

    Clock up your steps for five weeks by walking to university, or walking part of your journey to university, walking between sites, taking the stairs, going for long walks in your free time or maybe even build up to a jog or run if you can. Maybe even increase your step count by doing an online dance class or sports activity such as tennis.

    Will you be the GREATEST walker and clock up the most steps and claim the prize of a Fitbit (worth £75) and £50 voucher? Even if you are not the greatest we can guarantee you will feel great for taking up this challenge. Make your pledge with friends and family and keep each other motivated to keep going for five weeks until 13th December 2020.

    To take up the challenge, register your pledge with the Sport and Active Lifestyle Team, and we will support and encourage you to keep going over the five weeks.

    Contact Jo Heath, Sports Development Manager, for all the details via

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