Dr Hachemi Kadri


I joined Kingston University, London in January 2022 where I currently hold the position of Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Prior to this, I was awarded the prestigious MRC GCRF Fellowship and was appointed as an Assistant Professor  (Research) at the Chemistry Department, Durham University (January 2019-December 2021) where I also was a partner in the Global Network for the Neglected Tropical Diseases initiative. My MRC GCRF Fellowship research focused on developing innovative chemical approaches and tools to validate novel targets in Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis.

I completed my MPharm (Hons) degree at the University of Nottingham followed by a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design at the University of Cardiff, where I worked on the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel anti-cancer agents. After my PhD, I worked on several drug discovery projects in key therapeutic areas including immuno-oncology, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases at the University of Birmingham and later at Cardiff University

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry


  • Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design, Cardiff University
  • MPharm (Hons) degree at the University of Nottingham
  • GPhC registered pharmacist

Teaching and learning


Research in The Kadri Lab focuses on developing innovative chemical approaches for the discovery of novel therapeutics to address unmet global health needs particularly neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Research is multidisciplinary spanning the fields of chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design, high throughput screening, protein crystallography, and biochemistry. 


  • 2022-2023: RSC Research Fund grant
  • 2019-2021: GCRF Fellowship award.

Areas of specialism

  • Infectious diseases target validation and drug discovery
  • Modulation of protein-protein interactions for therapeutic purposes
  • Computer-aided drug design of novel therapeutic compounds

Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


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