Dr Spiridon (Spiros) Koutsonas


I am a Lecturer Civil Engineering at Kingston University London. I am interested in teaching fluid flow behavior, materials, mechanical properties, structures and construction methods, FEA modeling and CFD simulations with the Aided design software. My research interests are focused on novel materials polymers, concrete, hybrid materials, glass fibers, carbon fibers, graphene, carbon materials, advanced polymer and composites structures for civil applications, sustainability, and energy production. I have a PhD from the University of Nottingham in Advanced Composites Truss Structures (ACTS) with advanced experimental published outstanding work in fluid-dynamics and stochastic modelling FEA and CFD's, a Master in Research with Distinction from the University of Reading and a BSc in Physics from the University of Bath. Prior join Kingston University London I have worked as Post-Doc Research Fellow in NIACE (North Ireland Advanced Center of Engineering) industrial research center in Belfast with Ulster University and Queens University Belfast.  

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Mechanical / Aerospace /Civil Engineering


  • PhD (Eng) Univ. of Nottingham Advanced Composites Truss Structures (ACTS)
  • MRes (Distinc.) Univ. of Reading
  • BSc (Phys) Univ. of Bath

Teaching and learning


Achievements:Worldwide Winner JEC Composites innovation award of 2011 in Paris was given for the manufacture of the 3D preform with Sigmatex, which studied in part on the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics presented on my PhD thesis as part of ACTS (Advanced Composites Truss Structures) project. 

·         Fluid flow behavior

·         Design and Manufacturing of novel Advanced Composites Truss Structures for existing metallic structures replacements

·         Design and Manufacturing and of new experimental textiles for composites.

·         Nano-materials manufacturing for energy storage

·         Modelling Fluid flow of Liquid moulding processes in Polymer Composites (variability and race-tracking) on advanced composites structures manufacturing.

·         Study of converging diverging fluid flow in order to avoid void formation during Composites manufacturing in Liquid Composites Techniques.

·         Modelling High surface area for super-capacitor, fuel-cells and batteries

·         Modelling microwave irradiation and temperature

·         Polymer degradation modelling

·         Pyrolysis process study and polymer derivatives (Activated carbon, carbon fibers)

·         Manufacturing of semiconducting devices and Measurement of void formation in thin-K silicon/polymer film

·         Semiconductor devices conductivity measurements and modelling

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