Dr Spiridon (Spiros) Koutsonas


I am a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Kingston University London. I am interested in teaching Design and Manufacturing, fluid flow behavior, materials, mechanical properties, structures and construction methods, FEA modeling and CFD simulations with the Aided design software. My research interests are focused on novel materials polymers, concrete, hybrid materials, glass fibers, carbon fibers, graphene, carbon materials, advanced polymer and composites structures for civil applications, sustainability, and energy production. I have a PhD from the University of Nottingham in Advanced Composites Truss Structures (ACTS) with advanced experimental published outstanding work in fluid-dynamics and stochastic modelling FEA and CFD's, a Master in Research with Distinction from the University of Reading and a BSc in Physics from the University of Bath. Prior join Kingston University London I have worked as Post-Doc Research Fellow in NIACE (North Ireland Advanced Center of Engineering) industrial research center in Belfast with Ulster University and Queens University Belfast.  

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Mechanical


  • PhD (Eng) Univ. of Nottingham Advanced Composites Truss Structures (ACTS)
  • MRes (Distinc.) Univ. of Reading
  • BSc (Phys) Univ. of Bath

Teaching and learning


Publications:[1] S. Koutsonas "Modelling race-tracking variability of resin-rich zones on 90º composite 2.2 Twill fibre curved plate" Composites Science and Technology: manuscript CSTE_2018_979. Vol. 168. Accepted 1st Aug. 2018, published 10 Nov. 2018 pages 448-459. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compscitech.2018.08.001Links to an external site. (Impact Factor 7.1, CiteScore 11.1).[2] S. Koutsonas "Electrical conductivity of degraded polyacrylonitrile powder by microwave irradiation for supercapacitor devices or other mobile applications" Materials Letters Volume 193, 15 April 2017, Pages 203–205. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.matlet.2017.02.001Links to an external site.. https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1UWnh,3psroNf5Links to an external site. No. MLBLUE-D-16-06371R3. (Impact 3.25, CiteScore 5.5).[3] S. Koutsonas "Compaction and bending variability measurements of a novel geometry 3D woven layer to layer interlock composite textile around a 90° curve plate 3.2 mm radius'' Composites Communications Volume 5, September 2017, Pages 40–45. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.coco.2017.06.004Links to an external site.. (Impact Factor 4.92, CiteScore 4.2 ).[4] S. Koutsonas, G. Mitchell, F. Davis (2018). Microwave treatment of polyacrylonitrile powder method development and effects of surface modification porosity for supercapacitor devices or other mobile applications, Applied Mechanics and Materials: (SJR index 0,116: 408/518 Engineering (Q4)).[5] A. Edruweit, F. Gommer, J. Hutchinson, S. Koutsonas, A. C. Long, P. Schubel, X. Xiao, X. Zeng "Resin flow simulation based on advanced reinforcement geometry modelling from yarn-scale to component scale" Proceedings of the FPCM11 Conference Auckland 9-12 July 2012.[6] S. Koutsonas. "Modelling race-tracking variability of resin rich zones on 90º <Degree> composite 2.2 Twill fibre curve plate". Manuscript 400, IEEE supported Computing Conference 10-12 July 2018. London UK.[7] S. Koutsonas "Polyacrylonitrile degradation by microwave irradiation a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy analysis for the manufacturing of high porosity area for electrochemical supercapacitors or other devices for mobile applications". University of Cambridge Materials Summit 4th to 6th of January 2018. Manuscript number: UKSUMMIT-4404.[8] S. Koutsonas, G. R. Mitchell, F. J. Davis "Microwave treatment of polyacrylonitrile powder method development and effects of surface modification porosity for supercapacitor devices or other mobile applications" The 2nd International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers. Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development, Institute Polytechnic of Leiria Rua de Portugal, 2430-028 Marinha Grande, Portugal 15th to 18th of May 2017.[9] S. Koutsonas FE Modelling "Variability and race-tracking in Advanced Composites Truss Structures". Thesis 2015 The University of Nottingham.Book, Springer Nature Chapter 53 proceedings:[10] S. Koutsonas "Modeling Race-Tracking Variability of Resin Rich Zones on 90 º <Degree>; Composite 2.2 Twill Fibre Curve Plate" SAI 2018, AISC 858, approval 4723127_1_En, Chapter 53, Springer Nature ISBN 978-3-030-01173.

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