Miss Jessica Inch


I am a registered adult nurse with a career in Orthopaedics, Perioperative care and Critical care. I have taught these subjects as part of post-registration programmes as well as publishing and presenting at conference in relation to these areas.

I am a past Editor-in-Chief for the British Journal of Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing and was a committee member of the British Association of Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing for 7 years. This took me to the United States where I enjoyed a close working relationship with the American sister association with the aim to increase the status of the specialty and improve educational resources.

My role means that I am responsible for the overview of the preparation of all pre-registration student nurses for their clinical practice experiences as well as in tern supporting those individuals in practice that support and assess our student nurses. Part of my work consists of a strategy for the school of nursing that sets out the rationale for how students are to be prepared and empowered for clinical practice. I have also published on the use of simulation for the development of post-registration nursing.

I completed a Masters in Adult Learning for Professional Practice in 2015, where I received the Maureen Wilson Award for Research and the Highest Clinical Score in a Thesis from the University of Surrey. The Dissertation sparked a great interest of mine in the use of Transformative Learning for clinical practice, which I hope to develop further.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer for Practice Learning


  • BSc Adult Nursing
  • MSc Education for Professional Practice
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy