Ms Judith Francois


I am a Senior Lecturer with a particular focus on Leadership and Management.   Current roles including teaching across a range of pre and post registration modules, including Foundation, Pre-registration and MSc programmes.  Previous roles include Associate Dean for Access and Participation and  also the lead for the Admissions for the Nursing Associate Foundation Degree.

I am an experienced clinician and have worked in a range of capacities with families and individuals within the community setting on improving health, including vulnerable and less engaged communities.

My academic focus is on leadership and I  have a particular interest in creating a more diverse and inclusive curriculum, and have introduced some innovative teaching approaches including story telling and bespoke tools for developing personal resilience.

I have developed a number of bespoke Leadership courses for a number of organisations.  Current work in this area includes an award winning  successful partnership with a Mental Health Trust to improve the leadership profile of BAME staff in the organisation, which is currently generating interest from other providers.

I am proud to have received the Most Innovative Teacher of the Year award 2020  as well as awarded a National Teaching Fellow 2020 

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer Clinical Leadership and Management


  • National Teaching Fellow The Higher Education Academy
  • MSc Clincial Leadership and Management
  • PG Cert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • Fellow The Higher Education Academy
  • PG Cert Public Health
  • BSc
  • Registered Nurse Teacher, Nursing and Midwifery Council

Teaching and learning

I have worked at Kingston University as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing since 2010 and  focus on the training of pre and post registration nurses, especially in relation to Leadership and Management. I have held a number of roles including Academic Zone Lead from 2012-2015 where my responsibilities included overseeing the quality of workplace placements accessed by students, to ensure learning opportunities offered met with the University and Nursing standards. This provided opportunities to build and sustain important external partnerships between those services and the university.

I held the role of Faculty Personal Tutor Lead from 2016 to 2018, focussing on maximising individual support for students and enhancing processes to support this. Since 2017 I have been Admissions Lead for the newly established Nursing Associate programme for apprentice nurses and UCAS applicants. The apprentice provision is one of the early adopters of course provision and in line with Kingston Teaching and Learning Strategy 2022/2023

I am especially interested in developing strategies that enable nurses to both express their individual learning needs, and to contextualise this into practice. This has involved in developing approaches that improve students and staff understanding of self in action, and the influence on reflection in enabling resilience. Enabling  nurses and nursing students  to gain skills in managing and understanding their own resilience, whilst also contending with the inevitable workplace, academic and life stresses, is a personal driver. Within the university setting I have employed a number of initiatives that have built on this theme, including the development of tools for students and personal tutors, that enable a focus on the coping mechanisms of students and the identification of managing self.

I have created more inclusive teaching through the provision of extracurricular interventions. Working collaboratively with a community storyteller to devise aa award winning  programme for students from  a BAME background, in order  to bridge some of the  cultural barriers in academia. Good practice acknowledged as a winner of the Kingston University Inclusive Curriculum Bursary 2017.

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


I have a number of current  collaborations

Examining the experiences of nurses out in practice during COVID. A first stage analysis of information has been completed and further in-depth research in this area is underway.

Review of the use of the ROOT tool as a means of enhancing resilience in nurses from a Black and Minority background has been completed and awaiting publications. Further work to develop this into an app in collaboration with kingston  students is underway.

A recent paper examining the role of the researcher, managing discriminatory remarks, has received wide readership with some 600 views in the first four months of publication.  Further work will be completed in providing training sessions in this area.           


Number of items: 17.


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Conference or Workshop Item

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Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

I have developed a number of Bespoke programmes for NHS Trusts. Specialising in improving the quality of services by advising on leadership strategies that can be employed.  I have worked collaboratively with a Mental Health Trust to pioneer a BAME leadership programme for nursing staff working in a Mental Health Trust, aimed at addressing NHS priorities to increase the numbers of BAME staff in leadership positions. I have developed a teaching strategy by cross fertilising learning and recommended improvement measures to address the inequalities of BAME staff identified in the NHS with the recommendations of developing an inclusive curriculum of Higher Education. These teaching materials and curricula allows nurses to explore their own stories, how these stories are received by others and how to influence future stories. I use this as a platform to design bespoke activities to understand leadership presence and incorporated leadership embodiment through movement, the human voice, and art within the teaching programme.  The programme has successfully increased the numbers of nurses achieving leadership positions, and introducing improvement programmes that have positively impacted on the quality of care.

The work  has been recognised nationally and awarded runner up at  Royal College of Nursing Innovation Awards  July 2019. I co-presented the initiative  at the NHS England and Improvement Recruitment and Retention awards 2019, further enhancing the audience reach and knowledge exchanged.  It also has resulted in further commissions of the work, resulting in a South London and Maudsley Mental Health Trust also incorporating the programme.

Professional and scholarly affiliations

  • External Examiner for Anglia Ruskin 2016- 2019
  • Royal College Nursing Foundation Specialist Advisor 2018 to date
  • Chief Nursing Officer's Black and Minority Ethnic Strategic Advisory Group
  • The London Black & Minority Network for NHS Staff & Allied Professionals
  • National Teaching Fellowship - Advance HE
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council