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Environmental management system

A framework to manage our environmental impacts

Our environmental management system (EMS) promotes the efficient management of resources, ensures we are compliant with legislation, and helps us to improve our performance over time, in all areas of our work.

At the Sustainability Hub, we:

  • Identify the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts of our activities, and explain the associated risks and opportunities.
  • Publish an institutional sustainability policy, and set objectives and targets for continuous improvement.
  • Maintain awareness of our environmental legal obligations and communicate these to relevant staff.
  • Develop clear and accountable internal management processes and controls.
  • Put appropriate governance structures in place to ensure that sustainability is considered at all levels of the University.
  • Undertake regular audits and inspections of our campus sites, to identify potential areas of concern, and support relevant staff to take any corrective actions required.
  • Monitor and measure our progress in achieving our sustainability objectives through the collection and analysis of data, and report this across the University, as well as externally.
  • Regularly review our systems, and make them better to ensure our performance is continually improving over time.

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