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Creative Technology BSc(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Anthony Gibbs

Name: Anthony Gibbs
Course: Creative Technology BSc(Hons)
Current role: Creative Design Director, Framestore (Los Angeles office)

"I chose to study at Kingston University as it provided a unique course which prepared me for the specific professional role I desired. The industry I wanted to work within was predominantly based in central London, so studying at a London university allowed me to keep my fingers on the pulse when looking for job opportunities.

The course taught me how to use technology to become more creative. Technology is creativity's friend. As an artist I had found myself becoming frustrated, so I was keen to find a practical, innovative outlet for my creativity which would lead to realistic job prospects whilst satisfying my creative appetite. The Creative Technology BSc(Hons) taught me the skills necessary to work in the creative realm, in a growing industry which embraces technology. This type of course is very rare, making my skillset unique and therefore desirable to employers.

The course not only familiarised me with the industry-standard techniques and softwares used in my professional field – it showed me the process of how to develop better ideas, how to problem solve and how work with others toward a common goal. It also made me aware of the highly competitive nature of the industry I chose, giving me the impetus to work harder."


Jonathan Holt Thomas talks about his experiences on the Creative Technology BSc(Hons):


Sam Salek

Name: Sam Salek
Course: Creative Technology BSc(Hons)

Since graduatiing, Sam has gone on to work for Framestore on visual effects (compositor) for films such as Harry Porter, Gravity and Sherlock Holmes.

"Moving images have been fascinating me since I was very young. At the age of 14, I was playing with videos using two video tape players and hours of family video tapes, without having any idea that what I was doing is called 'editing'. When I got older I was always wondering whether someday I could use these interests to build up my future career.

When I came to Kingston, although being very interested in photography and film making, I had no idea how and what to pursue as a career. In the first year I began to discover my talents in different areas and I started to see things from a new perspective. Studying a wide range of different modules in the second year not only improved my skills in 2D and 3D applications but also helped me to finally find a way to express myself in the world of media. Having covered the basic soft skills learned from the lectures and workshops, I became capable of using what I learned in practice and start bringing my vision to life. Having good lecturers who weren't just with us during the lecture and were always reachable for further discussions and guidance was a bonus that I appreciated even more in the final year of my studies when I was determined about my next steps and plans for the near future.

I have achieved what I was expecting from this course; I came with lots of interests in different areas and left having learned how to organise and use them to express my vision."


Sarah Beeching talks about her experiences on the Creative Technology BSc(Hons):


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