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Criminology BSc(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Amourette Dredge

Name: Amourette Dredge

Course: Criminology BSc (Hons)

My research project in my second year was one of my favourite pieces of work. We were allowed to research any aspect of crime we wanted, and use any methods to do so! It was hard work, but it helped me to develop my analytical skills, and really broadened my ways of approaching research. The independent research has been by far one of the most enjoyable things on the course yet.

All of my lecturers are helpful and really want to see you succeed academically! They are also super supportive, whether you need academic or personal support, they are always ready to help!

They've helped me develop academically as I can now look at pieces of research or at studies with a more critical lens - rather than just taking it at face value. Personally, they've helped me become more confident in myself and my work.

In my third year, I will be taking up a work placement module which will give me the experience relevant to my degree that I need for my CV. I'm looking forward to it, as I hope that it will broaden my horizons and really open my eyes to what it is like working in a criminological based field.


Gwen Ralph

Name: Gwen Ralph

Course: Criminology BSc (Hons)

I chose Criminology because I have always been interested in crime and criminal behaviour. I've really enjoyed this course at Kingston and I have learnt more than I could ever have imagined. I have found the modules really interesting and engaging and I like how they all relate to each other. I have really liked the topics on gender, history, migration, and conflict. The weekly readings add context and content to the lectures whilst the seminars allow us to discuss our own views on the weekly readings and it is interesting to know how other students interpret the readings. The assignments have allowed me to develop my writing skills and the feedback I have received is very helpful because it offers advice on how I can engage with the readings further to improve my writing style and grades.

The lecturers bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to the lectures, which has helped me engage with the topics. I like how approachable the lecturers are and they have always been there to help me when I have felt a unsure of the way forward.

As for my future plans all I know is that I am in a far better place than I was before I started at Kingston and if I decide to do postgraduate study in the future Kingston will be the first place I apply to.


Rita Natukunda

Name: Rita Natukunda

Course: Criminology BSc (Hons)

Throughout my course I especially enjoyed the topics of crime, media and policy, and criminal law. In my third year I have become particularly interested in how government policies affect everyday people, which has led to me to pursuing a career in social welfare.

The multi-disciplinary aspect of the course means that there's a range of topics to help you find and study what you are truly interested in. For instance, I have taken up politics modules in my third year which gives me another way into looking at criminological issues.

Personally, I think the Criminology and Sociology 'Theme weeks' are invaluable. Guest lecturers, academics and even film makers present different ways of looking at topics we've been discussing in the lectures. It's an environment that allows you to continuously learn, rethink the way you look at things and then rethink it again.

During my third year, I have done a work placement in a social welfare organisation, which has been a fantastic experience. I also became a Course Rep in my second year, which has allowed me to develop my confidence in speaking with lecturers, heads of department and fellow students. Altogether, my experience on this course has been amazing and there's no more I could have asked for!


Nisha Dhoul

Name: Nisha Dhoul
Course: Criminology BSc(Hons)

"Over my three years studying criminology at Kingston University I have been thrilled to be a part of such a welcoming department. I've explored a subject area that I had previously not been able to study. Allowing me to express my own ideas and thoughts, the degree has encouraged me to work independently as well as part of a team. One of the most rewarding aspects of the course has been being able to produce my own research project.

My lecturers have encouraged me to express myself and helped build my confidence academically which in turn, has helped me in my work. They have got to know me despite teaching so many students which has allowed me to form good relationships with them.

Now that I am nearing the end of my degree I have found their help even more poignant and can approach them for advice with confidence. I am so excited to start my career in a field which is continually developing.

Overall, my experience at Kingston University has been rewarding and has given me the confidence to pursue a career right for me."


Adam Perry

Name: Adam Perry
Course: Criminology BSc(Hons)

"I absolutely love studying criminology at Kingston University. In particular I love learning about critical criminology looking at gender, race, sexuality and intersectionality. I find learning about hate crime and interpersonal violence especially interesting. I like the cutting edge research I am exposed to, and all the different perspectives like discourse around minority groups and male victimisation which is sometimes ignored.

The lecturing team at Kingston is amazing. They are so happy to help academically, emotionally and sometimes by just providing a sounding board. I regret not attending office hours more in my first year, as by doing so, I know my lecturers better, making requesting help easier. The lecturers know me personally and have emailed me with opportunities and talks that they think will suit my research interests as well as providing confidence boosts with academic work.

I have volunteered sporadically as a peer mentor in a secondary school, engaged in research to inform change in mental health services and am about to attend a panel that reviews stop and search statistics. All of which, my degree and university experience has given me the confidence to do."


Emilia Gill

Name: Emilia Gill
Course: Criminology BSc(Hons)

"The most enjoyable aspect of my criminology degree has been the way in which I can tailor the course to my own interests. Through choosing modules, you can learn about aspects of criminology that you find particularly interesting. Mine has been feminist criminology, which is applicable to all of my modules, and I have been able to discuss it further in my own dissertation. The module I most enjoyed was Crime, Media and Policy, as we had lots of discussions and all of the topics were relevant to contemporary cases. We also had some really interesting guest speakers. It opened my eyes to the way in which the media uses certain techniques to appeal to readers, and how the news is manipulated.

My lecturers have helped me through so much in my degree, from giving me confidence to pursue ideas I didn't think I was capable of, to providing me with volunteering and event planning opportunities...they have opened my eyes to a world of research which I am now incredibly passionate about, and am very grateful for!

I went to a guest lecture in my second year about youth violence, which I found incredibly interesting and emotional. After speaking to a lecturer about the prospect of volunteering there I contacted the organisation myself. It feels like a lifetime ago! I have now been interning for the organisation for a year and a half, which has provided my with invaluable experience, travelling up and down the country, speaking as a guest speaker at schools, applying for funding bids, organising events, going to parliament!...the list goes on, and although often students think they don't have time or energy to volunteer it is worth it for the experience and opportunities you gain. I am lucky enough to have been offered a graduate job as a researcher in the organisation. There have also been opportunities at university that have helped me network, such as the themed weeks we helped organise."


Nina Soberg

Name: Nina Soberg
Course: Criminology BSc(Hons)

"Throughout my time at Kingston I've enjoyed several modules and topics, but I particularly enjoyed learning about policing and the enforcement of laws. In my second year, through the module 'Police and Penal Studies' I got to critically engage in key issues and debates about the delivery of justice, social control and punishment. As an international student, it was especially interesting discovering the differences in policing in the UK versus Norway. This led me to develop a critical perspective on policing and how police enforce laws.

Through thought-provoking seminars and course work, the criminology lecturers have challenged me both academically and personally. All lecturers are experts on the topics they teach and made me achieve my full academic potential. Lecturers are easy to contact by email and their office hours allows for further discussions, support and guidance, or for questions to be answered.

For the past year I've been working for the university as a student ambassador: I work open days and subject talks to encourage prospective students to study criminology at Kingston. This summer I will be volunteering as a witness support and prison visitor for a Norwegian organisation in Oslo."


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