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Apply for 2017 through UCAS Extra or as a late applicant

Applying in UCAS Extra – what to expect

To be eligible to use UCAS Extra, you need to have already made five choices in your original application and received decisions from all of these choices. Then, if you've had no offers or have declined the offers you have received, you can use UCAS Extra.

If you're eligible, a button will appear in the 'Choices' section of UCAS Track.

Now you can use the UCAS search tool to search for courses you are interested in – use the filter 'Show courses in Extra' to find suitable courses.

Once you've selected a course to apply for, click the 'Add an Extra choice' button to enter details of the course. The university will then be sent your application by UCAS. Your personal statement will be the same as the one you used when you originally applied.

You can then choose whether or not to accept an offer should you receive one. There'll be a date shown when you have to do this by. If you're unsuccessful or decline an offer in Extra, you can apply for a different course. To keep updated on your application and the next steps you need to take, log onto UCAS Track.

UCAS Extra closes at the beginning of July. If you don't secure a place through Extra, you'll have another chance to apply through Clearing.

Applying as a late applicant

Missed the UCAS deadline? We may still have a place for you!

Contact our Admissions Team on 0844 855 2177 to see if there are still spaces on the course/s you're interested in. If there are, you will need to submit an application via UCAS as soon as you can before spaces fill up.

Case studies

Find out why our students chose Kingston University.

"When I visited for open days I got a really positive vibe"

There were so many reasons I chose to study at Kingston University. When I visited for open days and talked to lecturers and students I got a really positive and friendly vibe. There is such a mixture of people here from all over the world and lots of different cultures which I really love.
Emily McBarron

"The facilities are second to none"

I choose to study at Kingston University because of the great reputation it has for my course and the facilities are second to none. My course is very interesting and the lecturers have a great depth of knowledge and experience. The course offers a wide variety of placement opportunities which have been key to developing my skills.
Bilal Hussein

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Kingston University
Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 9000

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