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Your licence and behaviour in halls

Your licence is a legally binding agreement. Before signing it, you should understand your obligations and rights. The following notes are intended to help you understand the terms and conditions of your licence. If there are any points you do not understand, please contact us for further explanation.

The accommodation fee includes heating, lighting and hot water. Self-catering facilities are provided in each flat.

Period of occupation

Licences are usually for a 40-week period. Please note that certain courses differ in length and therefore we may offer you a different licence duration.

The Licence Period for a Nursing or Midwifery student is 50-weeks.

All Postgraduate students are on a 50 Week contract.

Prohibited items

Items prohibited in halls, which will result in disciplinary action if found, include:

  • unlawful drugs*;
  • firearms, including replicas;
  • knives over 15cm long;
  • candles;
  • oil lamps;
  • incense sticks;
  • fairy/Christmas tree lights;
  • inflatable chairs and beds;
  • hookahs/shisha pipes;
  • swords;
  • water pistols;
  • paintball guns;
  • fireworks;
  • barbeques;
  • beanbags;
  • laser pens; and
  • animals and pets including goldfish.

 The above list is not exhaustive.

*Drugs: Kingston University has a zero-tolerance approach to illegal drugs and drug-dealing on all University premises, including halls of residence. The University works closely with the police to combat illegal drug use to ensure that students can live and study in a safe environment.

We understand however that some students may be experiencing personal difficulty with substance misuse and need support and guidance in helping them combat an addiction. Support and guidance is available from Health and Wellbeing. Students can also contact Kingston Community Drugs and Alcohol team on 020 8336 8911 for further help and support.

Leaving halls early

By returning your signed terms and conditions and deposit, you have entered into an agreement to pay the full residential fee, even if you leave or move to alternative accommodation. If you wish to leave your room before the licence period expires, the accommodation team requires 28 days' written notice and will try to re-allocate your room to another suitable Kingston University student.

You will be released from your contract from the date a replacement student moves in. Should a replacement not be found, you will remain responsible for the rent for the whole period of the licence.

If you are withdrawing from the University and a substitute is not found, you will remain liable for the fees for the current instalment period only. (If you need clarification on dates of any instalment period, please call us on 020 8417 7311.) In this case you must give 28 days' notice, vacate your room and return your keys within the current instalment period.

You will pay a charge of £50 on giving notice in respect of our costs of inventory, other checks/inspections and administration.

You must return your keys to the hall manager by 12.00noon on the day you leave. If you don't, we may have to replace the relevant locks and charge you for the cost of doing so.

If you wish to leave your hall during the licence period, you must go to the Student Life Centre and complete a Hall Withdrawal Form. Notice given to any other university office is not recognised as notice of withdrawal from halls. Withdrawing from halls does not mean that you will be withdrawn from your course. In order to withdraw from a course, students need to notify their Faculty in writing. Please see your Faculty Student Handbook and General Regulations for further information.

Your behaviour

This section outlines how staff and students, as part of the same University community, are expected to conduct themselves while at the University. If behaviour in halls falls below these expectations, it will be dealt with under the halls licence and the University's Student Disciplinary Procedure, as appropriate.

Students and staff will:

  • communicate with each other in a polite and courteous manner;
  • treat each other fairly and without discrimination;
  • respect each other's diverse backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and practices; and
  • treat everyone in and around the University with courtesy and respect.

University staff will:

  • provide feedback on assignments within four weeks;
  • ensure students' enquiries are responded to through an identified point of contact within five working days; and
  • provide accurate information on courses, assessment and sources of advice/support in a timely fashion.                              

Students will:

  • take responsibility for their learning and conduct while at the University;
  • attend all teaching sessions, arrive on time and not disrupt others in sessions or in the learning resources centres;
  • contribute to discussions in classrooms and to undertake work assigned to them; and
  • submit assignments within published deadlines that is entirely their own work.

Notice to Quit (NQT)

If you breach the conditions of the licence, the halls management may issue you with a Notice to Quit (NTQ). This means that you have 28 days to move out of your room in halls of residence and return your keys.

Failure to move out by the required date will result in the University taking legal proceedings to obtain possession of your room. You will also be liable for any legal costs if the University has to go to court to obtain possession of your room.

Appeal against a Notice to Quit (NQT)

You have the right to appeal against an NTQ. You must complete an appeal form and indicate your grounds for appeal. An appeal form will be enclosed with the NTQ and they are also available on My Kingston and from halls receptions. You must submit the form and a statement explaining your grounds for appeal to the Student Life Centre within seven days of the date of the NTQ.

The Union of Kingston Students can provide you with advice and guidance about the process.
Upon receipt of your appeal, your grounds for appeal will be considered by Accommodation, a representative from the Union of Kingston Students and the Head of Student Life.

In arriving at its decision, they will determine whether the decision of the hall manager or credit control in giving the NTQ was reasonable based on any breaches of the hall licence that have occurred. You will be notified of the outcome of the appeal in writing.

If your appeal is successful, you will be able to remain in halls. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will be required to vacate your room by the deadline stated in the letter from hall management.

Overnight guests and visitors

You are allowed one overnight guest (who must be over 18) for a maximum period of two consecutive nights in any one week, for a maximum of six visits per term. You must make sure that your overnight guest signs into halls at reception before 7.00pm. All other visitors must leave the hall and grounds before 12.00midnight. For health and safety reasons you will only be allowed two student or non-student guests at any one time.

You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests or visitors while they are on the premises, and for any damage/loss they may cause. Guests or visitors are not permitted to enter or use your room or flat without you being present.