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The Social Psychology Research Group, (SPRG) at Kingston University brings together researchers who have a shared focus on social and political issues. Members of the group have a reputation for delivering high quality, internationally recognised research and publications, much of it being undertaken with colleagues at other national and international institutions.

We understand human behaviour and agency as situated within particular socio-political, historical, and cultural contexts, and apply this understanding to overtly ‘political' topics, including national identity, collective memory, peace and conflict, sexism, and citizenship, as well as to issues which might be less readily acknowledged as ‘political', including visual impairment, medicinal cannabis, and facial disfigurement. We adopt a pragmatic and flexible approach to methodology, utilising various methods and analyses depending on the topic and questions under investigation.

We hold frequent research group meetings, and all are welcome to join. Please contact the research group leader below if you would like more details.


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