Art, Cognition/Creativity and Emotion Research Group (ACErg)

About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of psychologists from different areas, audio-visual artists, and neuroscientists investigating several aspects of human behaviour: from empirical aesthetics and creativity through to neuro- and cognitive processing, extending to emotion and perception in social environments. The wide range of studies we develop in our laboratories allows us to cast aside the dichotomy between internal and external factors (i.e. neurocognitive vs. environmental) that constrained interdisciplinary research in the past.

Our purpose-built laboratories offer a wide range of equipment and methodologies (Biofeedback recorders, EEG, Eye-trackers, tDCS, Observation Labs, and assorted software). Research is also conducted through an extensive network of collaborating institutions.

The research group has published a wide range of research articles in refereed international journals, has a thriving group of PhD students, and has attracted substantial research funding from both the private and public sector.


PhD students

Completed PhDs

  • Sarah Geisemeyer
  • Angela Medvedeva
  • Wendy Ross
  • Rose Turner
  • Jane Trueman

Research topics

For details of each of the topics currently being investigated in our laboratories, check the individual pages of our members.

  • Art and empirical aesthetics (e.g. visual art, music)
  • Cognition (memory, vision, perception)
  • Creativity, curiosity and serendipity
  • Decision making and judgements
  • Emotion and attachment (e.g. pet ownership)
  • Empathy and Theory of Mind
  • Face recognition (in deception and trust)
  • Neurocognition (e.g. hemineglect, dementia, schizophrenia)

Research funding

  • British Academy Small Research Grant. G GAlli (PI)
  • CResCID 2021 grant – "Individual differences affecting dynamic emotion authenticity perception". M Zloteanu (PI), F M Felisberti (co-PI).
  • Covid-19 Research – "Recall of handwashing behaviour in hazardous scenarios". F M Felisberti (PI)
  • Marie Skodowska-Curie Horizon 2020 grant – "Quality of experience management in emerging multimedia services". M. Martini (PI), F M Felisberti (co-PI)

Representative publications

PhD publications