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Criminology is about the study of crime, crime control and criminalization of social ‘groups'. Fear of crime has a profound influence on our feelings of security and wellbeing, from ‘street-level' crime to global concerns about terrorism and cybercrime. Criminologists combine the study of society, politics, law, psychology and culture to understand offending behaviour and the peoples' responses to prohibited and harmful activity.

Criminology also analyses the cultural representations of criminality. It investigates how this relates to constructions of social identity like class, race and ethnicity, gender, age and sexuality.



The global politics, international relations and human rights programmes are informed by our strong belief in inclusion, diversity, and freedom of thought. They present a variety of perspectives, both orthodox and critical, which encourage students to reach their own informed views through interactive lecturing and rigorous debates, and to share experiences and knowledge brought from their own countries, backgrounds and life experiences.

Our values reflect the diversity of our student body, the professional commitment of our academic staff members, and the learning environment that we foster. We are committed to representing and educating one of the most diverse student communities in the UK.


Sociology is all about people and societies. It is concerned with how we influence one another as individuals and groups, and the ways in which wider social factors affect what we do and how we think. It explores questions about the nature of society, human relationships and behaviour, examining issues. It looks at issues around power and inequality, change and development, identity and culture. Sociology challenges our prejudices and assumptions.


We provide students with the best possible University experience. We welcome students from all ages and backgrounds. Programmes are accessible to all learners, whatever their background, schooling experience and learning style. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are designed and delivered by lecturers who are active researchers and experienced teachers.

We offer a unique student experience in criminology, politics and sociology by combining scholarship with real-world impact. Our programmes introduce students to the core themes and skills of their chosen discipline. We bring the most up-to-date developments in our research fields to our courses.

Courses identify connections between personal experiences and issues in day-to-day life, and wider social, political, economic and cultural factors. Students learn how to conduct social research and contribute to the production of fresh knowledge.

We support students to become confident and independent researchers and offer an exciting programme of studies in both criminology and sociology. We want our students to apply their knowledge and skills to issues that are important to them. We enable students to tailor their studies to their own particular interests over the course of a programme.

Our students experience research and scholarship, and develop employment skills through community-based learning and international study. Our courses prepare you for life after university by teaching skills that employers want: problem-solving, data analysis, critical thinking and reasoning.

We use a wide range of teaching methods that are designed to help you learn in a supportive and friendly environment. Students are taught in practical and interactive workshops, lectures, seminars and one-to-one supervision. In addition to your course tutors, you will also have a personal academic advisor to support you in your studies.


We offer considerable research expertise in a range of interdisciplinary subjects. Our courses are led by academic staff with expertise in criminological and sociological disciplines.

You can learn about our research centre CResCID, our research seminars, clusters and projects, opportunities for PhD study, and how we achieve research impact and social enterprise.

Centre for Research in Communities, Identities and Difference (CResCID)

  • CResCID is located within the department of Criminology, Politics and Sociology.
  • Conducts theoretically informed and methodologically rigorous research. Evaluates policies and practices around communities, identities and difference.
  • Organises local, national and international conferences and workshops with wide-ranging community, policy, research, professional and other stakeholders.
  • Facilitates activities to ensure that any research undertaken has maximum impact, locally, nationally and internationally.

To learn more about CResCID, follow us on twitter @KUCResCID or contact the directors of the research centre, Professor Nicola Mai and Professor Muthanna Samara.

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Open Science Workshop

Friday 12 May 2023

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Head of Department of Criminology, Politics and Sociology: Dr Sylvie Collins-Mayo.

Criminology, politics and sociology undergraduate course administrators: Melanie Lyall.

Criminology postgraduate course administrator: Andrew Wright.