Centre for Public Engagement (CPE)

Welcome to the Centre for Public Engagement (CPE) – a beacon for best practice in patient and public engagement in health, social care and education.

About us

The Centre was founded in 2013 to develop excellence in patient and public involvement (PPI).

We provide PPI expertise and leadership in all aspects of involving patients, service users, carers and lay people in research, education, workforce development, service improvement and policy making.

We work with professionals, service users, academics, research bodies, patients and carers, and representative organisations to promote innovative, effective and ethically appropriate PPI.

Contact us

Please contact us at cpeenquiries@sgul.kingston.ac.uk

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Our focus

Our four main areas of focus are:

  • Education – we deliver education programmes and develop learning tools and processes to facilitate Public Engagement in the learning environment.
  • Research – we undertake work to further investigate and promote the involvement of service users in health, social care, education and research.
  • Service Improvement – we work with service providers at all levels of health and social care and the education sector to ensure that public engagement is thoroughly and effectively embedded to improve the effectiveness and relevance of services and the representation of the public.
  • Workforce development – we evaluate, develop and augment the skills of the health and social care workforce, creating an evidence base for professional development around patient and public involvement.

Working with you

The Centre for Public Engagement can help with:

  • Collaboration and advice on public involvement in your research projects
  • Teaching or training your staff and service users in best practice
  • Involving seldom listened to and complex condition cohorts
  • Organisational and strategic involvement and engagement projects
  • Service improvement initiatives
  • Developing participative and co-production methodologies across the four areas of our activity
  • Developing outcome measures for PPI

People and resources

Research in the Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education