Staff availability and expertise for doctoral supervision (Health)

Doctoral supervision and staff expertise

The following list provides details regarding expertise and areas of interest of all members of staff within the School of Nursing.

If you wish to explore opportunities for supervision, please click on staff names to access individual online profiles to find out more about each member of staff. please contact staff members directly to discuss further.

Staff member

Interested in
supervising MPhil/PhD in 2023/24?
Topics of interestResearch methods of interestSend emailView profile
Michelle Carter Yes.  Culture health and illness.
Public/global health.
Community care/nursing.
Education and cultural attitudes.  
Ethnography.  Send Michelle an email. View Michelle's profile.
Helena de Rezende Yes.

Quality and patient safety.
Management of health services.
Systematic reviews.
Send Helena an email View Helena's profile
Andrea Cockett Yes.  Education.
Children's nursing topics.
Qualitative. Send Andrea an email View Andrea's profile
Ann Ooms Yes Healthcare education.
Healthcare professional development.
Healthcare staff wellbeing. 
All.  Send Ann an email. View Ann's profile.
Claire Thurgate Yes. New roles.
Phenomenology. Send Claire an email. View Claire's profile.
Tusha Vandrevala Yes. Health inequalities. Mixed methods. Send Tusha an email. View Tusha's profile.
Lihua Wu Yes.  Public health.
Long-term condition management.
Students' experiences.
Healthcare workforce management (career progression).
Staff wellbeing.
Systematic review.
Mixed methods.
Send Lihua an email.  
Dora Stroumpouki Yes. Quality of life.
Cardiac nursing.
HIV care.
Intensive care nursing.
Mixed methods.
Send Dora an email. View Dora's profile.
Vari Drennan Yes. Health and social care workforce.
New roles.
Workforce innovations.
Health service research.
Send Vari an email. View Vari's profile.
Irene Tuffrey-Wijne Yes. Learning disability and communication/
 Qualitative (any). Send Irene an email. View Irene's email.
Francesca Taylor Yes. Renal staff and/or patients.
NHS workforce issues.
New hospital staff roles.
Therapeutic engagement.
Patient and public involvement and engagement.
Mixed methods.
Send Francesca an email.  
Jayne Price Maybe. Death and dying.
Children's nursing.
Palliative care.
Qualitative. Send Jayne an email. View Jayne's profile.
Mary Halter Yes.  Any applied research as a methodologist on the supervisory team.
Workforce development.
Advanced practice.
Pre-hospital emergency care. 
Health services research.
Mixed methods.
Send Mary an email. View Mary's profile.
Jane Dundas Maybe. Educational research to explore interventions to develop self-awareness and self-efficacy. Qualitative. Send Jane an email  
Ingrid Bacon Yes.   Mental health-related topics. Qualitative research methods preferred but can also do quantitative. Send Ingrid an email. View Ingrid's profile.