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In the Faculty of Science Engineering and Computing we offer our students the opportunity to learn and grow in a real-world environment. Combined with our hands-on approach to teaching and learning, this provides our students with the skills ready for their chosen industry.

These skills are taught within our world-class facilities, providing our students with some of the most innovative and advanced technology in order to have the freedom to invent, create and revolutionise their practice. Each of our course page has details of the facilities you have access to when studying with us.

Facilities are also available to hire. We can provide access to research facilities, specialist labs, cutting edge equipment and expertise, along with industry links within relevant business sectors.

Below are examples of our world-class facilities.

Scene of the crime house

Our forensic science students have access to the scene of the crime house, which allows students to gain real-world practical experience using both specialist equipment and precise techniques to obtain and preserve samples and evidence from the scene of a crime.

A real semi-detached house located on-site at Penrhyn Road campus, the facilities five rooms contain mock crime scenes, including burglary, arson, assault and sexual crime.

Students have to pick up evidence carefully and transport it back to the labs for preservation and analysis. Even the garden contains evidence and is used by the forensic team's archaeologist for teaching.

Learjet Lab

Our aircraft engineering students have access to our fully equipped Learjet Lab, this provides them with the tools and a real world hands-on experience to gain strong career prospects for the future.

The Learjet Lab is fully equipped with visual display, instrumentation, pilot controls, motion base and an instruction station. The lab also contains our very own flight simulator, where students are able to virtually fly their own aircraft designs.

This lab has been specially designed to allow students to gain experience in diagnostics, inspection, condition monitoring, component and equipment replacement and rectification, key skills for any aircraft engineer.

Learjet Lab


Our computer science and gaming students have full access to the University's CAVE (Centre for Augmented and Virtual Reality environments), a treasure trove of specialist equipment. Using tools such as: Virtual Reality headsets and specialist equipment that tracks eye movements and brain activity, our students have the freedom to invent, create and revolutionise gaming.

This state-of-the-art technology allows our students to monitor their user's levels of enjoyment throughout the game and the opportunity to tailor their creation accordingly. This Lab has also allowed computing students to work closely and collaborate with design students, promoting interdisciplinary work and allowing students to begin successful partnerships creating innovative products at the forefront of technology.

Due to this innovative technology and collaborative learning environment Kingston University has become one of only twelve universities to have obtained an educational partnership with Sony (2017).

Nutrition kitchen

Our modern nutrition kitchen is a dedicated space that has been designed to the latest specifications. It is a flexible and inviting teaching space which we use for food science practicals, research projects and student nutrition society events along with small group teaching (eg. assignment and revision tutorials) and personal tutor meetings.

Nutrition kitchen

Hiring facilities and equipment

Whether you are developing a new product, need to test a prototype and measure results, or want to stage a conference or key meeting, we can help.

To find out more, call us on tel: +44 (0)20 8417 3045 or email

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