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School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry

The School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry offers an outstanding and diverse portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in biological and biomedical sciences, chemistry, forensic science, pharmacy, pharmacological and pharmaceutical sciences, and sport science and nutrition.

We've invested heavily in the development of new facilities including laboratories for teaching and research to provide students with access to ultra-modern equipment in a wide range of teaching facilities.

School of Computer Science and Mathematics

The School of Computer Science and Mathematics is driven by the philosophy of 'learning through making'; we focus strongly on facilitating a hands-on experience, student led and owned product portfolios and producing industry-ready graduates. 

We utilise a range of innovating teaching and learning approaches in our invigorated and modernised degree programmes; combining studio practices, project-based learning, and context driven lectures to facilitate an informed approach to problem solving.

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering supports world-class education and fundamental research across a wide range of engineering disciplines. We align the activities of aerospace and aircraft engineering, civil engineering, construction and surveying, geography and environment, and mechanical engineering in order to create a multi-disciplinary vibrant learning environment.

Our courses are underpinned by the latest technologies and strengthened by active collaborations with industry leaders providing practical experience through placements as well as educational partnerships.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing
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