Kingston School of Art, London

Ideas emerge here

We are agile thinkers, interrogating the world around us; a generation of artists, filmmakers, designers, architects, photographers, writers, performers, and makers flipping hierarchies and subverting rules in pursuit of the meaningful, strategic and beautiful.

150 years of art school history and an attitude of fearless creativity sets the scene for us to lead the drive towards new ways of crafting.

Disciplines merge here

We stand at the intersection of the creative fields, participate in experimentation and push boundaries with spirited peers. We explore possibilities that arts and humanities education unlock. From intervening in local issues to informing global challenges, we can enhance lives, add delight, and create wonder.

The Art School Experience

Our workshops and studios are open for creative exploration and allow opportunities for students and staff to work together and to share ideas whether they are studying or researching architecture, art, communications, design, humanities, performance, or the creative industries.

Cultures meet here

London is one of the nexuses of world culture, commerce, and creativity. From Malaysia to Nigeria to Brazil, creators from around the world come to study and experience and grow here.

The cafés and museums of Paris are a two-hour train ride away – Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona and all the continent's capital cities are within reach. An experience of Europe starts here too!

Study in the UK

Unparallelled value

Tuition fees in the UK are considerably lower than the US – and Kingston University's eligibility certificate with the US Department for Education permits the provision of Federal Student Aid.

Concentrated degrees

UK degrees are generally a year shorter than US and Canadian programmes. A UK bachelors degree usually takes three years to complete, compared to four years. Similarly, studying a masters degree in the UK will take half the time it does in the US.

The ideal study location

The ideal study location

Kingston School of Art is based in the beautiful Kingston upon Thames area of London – just 30 minutes from the town's world-leading galleries, museums and creative businesses. It offers all the highlights of city living in a leafy, riverside location.

Kingston School of Art is unique in offering a close community in an attractive town-like setting, where friends and colleagues live nearby, sharing student life and creative conversations.

Great experiences and careers

Kingston School of Art develops practitioners with the confidence and ability to contribute to research, industry and society. We prepare students to be leaders of the creative industries.

We have a focus on international collaboration and partnerships, which strategically inform our students' learning, our research and our teaching.

At both undergraduate and postgraduate level, students work on live briefs and/or undertake work placements with top brands and organisations.

Great experiences and careers