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Living costs

You will need to budget for the following when you come to Kingston:

  • Tuition fees – these will vary according to the course you are studying
  • Accommodation – either halls of residence or privately-rented accommodation (in which case you should expect to pay at least £5,000 to £6,400 per year)
  • Living costs, such as food, travel, laundry and entertainment – we suggest you plan to spend approximately £6,500 to £10,000 per year
  • English language tuition fees if you want to study English in the UK before you begin your course.

The Education UK website gives a general guide to the cost of living in the UK which will vary depending on where you study. You can also use their useful International Student Calculator should you need a tool to help you build a budget for living and studying in the UK.

Here is what we have calculated as an estimated monthly living allowance* in Kingston, excluding tuition fees. Please note this will vary depending on lifestyle.

Expenditure type Lower range cost per month Upper range cost per month
Halls of residence accommodation £536 £1,320
Food £180 £350
Text books/printing/copying
Laundry £20 £30
Mobile phone
£20 £45
Clothes and socialising £120 £140
TOTAL £916

*We recommended that you set aside some extra money for unforeseen expenses or emergencies.

Students enrolled on a full-time course for more than six months are entitled to free healthcare under the British National Health Service, but will have to pay a health surcharge as part of their visa application.

The duration of an undergraduate course in the UK is normally nine months. Based on the estimate above, the cost of living for the year would be between £8,244 and £17,415 plus your tuition fee.

The duration of postgraduate courses in the UK is generally 12 months. Based on the estimate above, the cost of living for the year would be between £10,992 and £23,220 plus your tuition fee.

Working during your studies

If your visa allows you to work in the UK during your studies, this may help alleviate some of your expenses, but it is not advisable to rely on this.

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