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Tolworth Court sports ground hosts annual Surrey Archery weekend


Despite some challenging weather, Surrey Archery managed to successfully hold its annual archery weekend competition at Kingston University's Tolworth Court sports ground on the weekend of 16 and 17 July 2011. The event witnessed many different categories, encouraging a wide range of competitors, including junior boys and girls and senior men and women to battle it out for the various prizes.

The heavy and prolonged rain contributed to difficulties for the field crew in preparing the field of play for the archers, particularly on the bosses for the compound archers. Despite the field crew's best efforts it was not possible to continue using the foam bosses due to pass-through of arrows. On the advice of the judges, the organiser decided to abandon the round after 54 arrows had been shot. Repairs and additional back-stop netting or foam were made to the bosses overnight in preparation and hope for a more successful shoot on the Sunday.

On the Sunday, although the weather was similar to the previous day, it cleared up and there was even some sunshine in the afternoon. The repairs carried out on the previous day worked well and 144 arrows were shot to complete the round. The prize presentation was held in the open under the late afternoon sunshine.

Organiser Andrew Trimble said: "We would like to thank Kingston University for providing excellent facilities and Mike Hitt (Grounds Manager) and his team were brilliant as usual and did a fantastic job both in line marking and on the day."

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