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Alumni Sports Day 2011

On Sunday 6 March 2011, Kingston alumni will have the opportunity to play competitive games and matches against our current teams across a day of fixtures that will celebrate the links between Kingston University Students' Union sports teams and Kingston University's sporting alumni.

We hope the day will enable Kingston students, past and present to support the history and the continued development of the Students' Union sports clubs. The sports day will be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the sporting dedication of the Students' Union, and promote the development of a rich sporting and social network to be shared by our current sportsmen and women and our alumni.

We are staging fixtures involving the following sports, and we ask for your support in ensuring that the day is made a success:

  • Men's football
  • Ladies football
  • Men's rugby
  • Netball

Following the fixtures there will be a reception at Tolworth Court sports ground during which the trophy will be presented to the event winners. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this inaugural and vital celebration of the Students' Union sports clubs, and once again we ask for your full support in order to make this event a success and an annual opportunity.

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