Dr Andy Higginbottom


I am an international solidarity campaigner as well as an academic. I am active in support of social movements in Colombia, South Africa and Eelam Tamils. I take a general interest in movements fighting extractivism, neocolonialism and oppression. 

My current research project is a dialogue with Marx's 'Capital' concerning the theorisation of US cotton slavery and British industrial capitalism. The next project flowing on from that is an exploration of Marini's concept of labour super-exploitation and Marx's theory of surplus-value.

I am currently learning about strands of liberation thought from Africa, African America and Latin America.

I teach modules on international political economy, slavery and emancipation, and crimes of the powerful.  I am especially interested in learning and teaching methods, and curriculum content, that prioritise the inclusion of students from a diversity of backgrounds and work to encourage the fullest potential of all students. 

Academic responsibilities

Associate Professor


  • PhD in Criminology: Globalisation and Human Rights in Colombia.
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • BSc in Sociology and Economics