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Dr Sonya Sharma

Associate Professor of Sociology


Before pursuing an academic career, I did outreach work, supporting families and young people from various socio-economic backgrounds in the city of Vancouver, Canada. After completing my PhD, I worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on projects that examined the negotiation of religious, spiritual and cultural plurality in healthcare contexts at Trinity Western University (Canada), and investigated Canadian families' food practices, a project led by scholars at the University of British Columbia and Dalhousie University. From there, I returned to the UK and worked with colleagues at Durham, Derby and Chester Universities exploring young people's religious identities at English universities. At Kingston, I have mainly taught undergraduate Sociology. I have received two awards for teaching excellence and was a national finalist for a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence by the Higher Education Academy. 

Areas of specialism

  • Sociology of Religion
  • Healthcare and Inequalities
  • Feminist Theory and Research


  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK
  • PhD Women's Studies, Lancaster University, UK
  • Masters of Research, Lancaster University, UK
  • Baccalaureate, History and Sociology, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Professional membership

Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR)

British Sociological Association (BSA)

British Sociological Association's Sociology of Religion Study Group (SocRel)

International Society for the Sociology of Religion (ISSR)

Research Associate, Institute of Gender Studies, University of Chester, UK

Editorial Work:

Co-editor of the Book Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Religion, Gender, and Sexuality


My research spans the sociology of religion and feminist and health studies, and at various points has engaged with geographies of religion and familial relations and practices. Previous projects have focused on young women, sexuality and church life, families and food practices, religion in healthcare contexts, young people's religious identities at university, gender and career progression in theology and religious studies, and religion and intimacy between sisters. 

More recently, I have collaborated with British and Canadian colleagues on prayer as transgression in public healthcare settings in Vancouver, CA and London, UK (SSHRC 2015-2018). On this project we have been interested in the ways that prayer may reinforce and transform experiences of inequality between groups and individuals. Following on from this research, I am carrying out a pilot project with Professor Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham (Trinity Western University, Canada), entitled, 'Living Well Together? Learning from Women Healthcare Chaplains about Religion, Gender and Human Flourishing', supported by Seed Corn funding from the British Sociological Association's Sociology of Religion Study Group (2019).

Doctoral Supervision:

I welcome opportunities to work with doctoral students interested in the sociology of religion, particularly in relation to health inequalities, family, and feminist approaches.

Current and Past Students:

Alison Allen, 'Challenges and Opportunities facing Christian Organizations that send British Generation Y to Work Overseas', co-supervised with Sylvie Collins-Mayo, present.

Josh Bullock, 'The Sunday Assembly: The Social Phenomenon of Godless Congregations', co-supervised with Sylvie Collins-Mayo, completed.


Number of items: 23.


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Book Section

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Guest, Mathew, Sharma, Sonya and Song, Robert (2013) Gender and career progression in Theology and Religious Studies. (Project Report) Durham, UK : Durham University. 24 p.

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