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Academic Quality and Standards Handbook 2014/15 archive

The Academic Quality and Standards Handbook (AQSH) for 2014/15 consists of 15 sections, including an introduction, which detail the University's principles and procedures for approving, monitoring and reviewing its courses, programmes and partnerships.

It is anticipated that the AQSH will be of most benefit to those members of staff with day-to-day involvement in the University's quality assurance and enhancement procedures.



Introduction to The Academic Quality and Standards Handbook (AQSH) (PDF)

Code Document
Guidance(i) Committee structure diagram 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance(ii) Summary of committee responsibilities (Word)
Guidance(iii) Fees (Word)

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Academic planning

Section A – Academic planning (PDF version)

Code Document
A1 New qualification (Word)
A2 New course and partner proposal (Word)
A2a Technical data collection (Word)
A2b New development involving a joint or dual award (Word)
A2c Proposal for re-validation of an existing field (Word)
A3 Course and partner closure form (Word)
A4 New partner campus or site (Word)
A5a Notification of new course combination (Word)
A5b Notification of course combination closure (Word)
A6 Costing and pricing template – available soon
Guidance AG(i) Guidance for completing the A2a technical data form (Word)
Guidance AG(ii) Course closure (Word)
Guidance AG(iii) Course closure (Word)

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Managing higher education provision with others

Section B Managing higher education provision with others (PDF)

Form B1 Due diligence/institutional re-approval evidence request: UK publicly funded institutions (Word)
Form B2
Due diligence/institutional re-approval evidence request: UK privately funded institutions (Word)
Form B3
Due diligence/institutional re-approval evidence request: overseas institutions (Word)
Template B4 Due diligence report template: UK publicly funded institutions (Word)
Template B5 Due diligence report template: UK privately funded institutions (Word)
Template B6 Due diligence report template: overseas institutions (Word)
Template B7 Institutional agreement template (Word)
Template B8 Institutional monitoring report template (Word)
Template B9 Overview report to quality assurance committee template (Word)
Template B10 Institutional re-approval report template (Word)
Template B11 Notes for completion of action plan for terminating a collaborative partnership (Word)
Template B12 Termination agreement template (Word)
Guidance BG (i) Guidance on the role of the liaison officer (Word)
Guidance BG (ii) Liaison document guidelines (Word)
Guidance BG (iii) Terms of reference and standard agenda for executive committees (Word)
Guidance BG (iv) Guidelines on the application and regulations and procedures for collaborative provision (Word)
Guidance BG (v) Promoting and marketing collaborative programmes (Word)
Guidance BG (vi) Availability of University services and resources for different types of collaborative partner (Word)
Guidance BG (vii) Spectrum of collaborative provision and associated due diligence requirements (Word)

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Validation of new fields

Section C Validation of new fields 2014/15 (PDF)

Form C1
Panel nomination form 2014/15 (Word)
Form C2
Table of modules contributing to a field for module directory 2014/15 (Word)
Form C3 Application for exemption or variant to RAF 2014/15 (Word)
Template C4
Programme specification 2014/15 (Word)
Template C5 Module descriptor template 2014/15 (Word)
Form C6
Faculty documentation check 2014/15 (Word)
Form C7 Faculty level validation external scrutiny report 2014/15 (Word)
Form C8 Faculty conditions check 2014/15 (Word)
Form C9 Chair's approval of conditions 2014/15 (Word)
Form C10 Notification of faculty validation approval to AQS 2014/15 (Word)
Template C11
Module guide template for dissertations and research projects 14/15 (Word)
Guidance CG (i) Producing documentation for validation events 2014/15 (PDF)
Guidance CG (ii) Completing module descriptors and module guides 2014/15 (PDF)
Guidance CG (iii) Preparing the HEAR descriptor 2014/15 (PDF)
Guidance CG (iv) Validation documentary requirements matrix 2014/15 (PDF)
Guidance CG (v) Placement and work-based learning guidelines 2014/15 (PDF)
Guidance CG (vi) Validation criteria and checklist for Faculty and University panels 2014/15 (PDF)
Guidance CG (vii) Good practice for undertaking events by video-conference 2014/15 (PDF)

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Internal subject review

Section D – Internal subject review (ISR) (PDF)

Code Document
Form D1
Action plan in response to ISR 2014/15 (Word)
Form D2
Chair's approval of ISR action plan or one year follow up 2014/15 (Word)
Form D3
ISR advance documentation faculty check 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance DG (i) ISR criteria and checklist 2014/15 (Word)
DG (ii) Agenda for ISR planning meeting 2014/15 (PDF)
DG (iii) Agenda and guidance for meeting with students graduates and employers 2014/15 (Word)
DG (iv) Digital module boxes in StudySpace (Word)

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Annual review and development

Section F – Annual review and development (PDF)

Code Document
Template F1
Module review and development plan (MRDP) 2014/15 (Word)
Template F2 Course summary report template 2014/15 (Word)
Template F3 Faculty review and development plan 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance FG (i) Performance indicators for annual review and development 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance FG (ii) Terms of reference agenda items and guidance for boards of study 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance FG (iii) Module review and development plan (MRDP) user guide 2014/15 (PDF)
Guidance FG (iv) Course summary guide and KUBI (PDF)
  Course Metrics (PDF) provides the second tranche of data to support the reflection of course performance via the Course Summary Report

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Changes to fields

Section G – Changes to fields (PDF)

Code Document
Form G1
Change of field title of qualification 2014/15 (Word)
Form G2
Change or addition to duration or mode of delivery of a field 2014/15 (Word)
Form G3
Application for a variation to UG or PG Regulations 2014/15  (Word)
Form G4
Changes to fields by delegated powers 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance GG (i) Criteria for approval of variants and cycle of review 2014/15 (Word)

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Accreditation processes

Section H – Accreditation processes (PDF)

Code Document
Form H1
Student request for recognition of prior and or experiential learning 2014/15 (Word)
Form H2
Articulation proposal form 2014/15 (Word)
Template H3
Articulation agreement 2014/15  (Word)
Form H4
Monitoring of articulation agreements 2014/15 (Word)
Form H5 Monitoring of progression agreements (PDF)

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External examiners

Section I - External examiners 2014/15 (PDF)

Form I1
Application for approval of an external examiner 2014/15 (Word)
Form I2
Application for additional duties or extension 2014/15 (Word)
Template I3 External examiner response letter (Word)
Template I4
External examiner report form 2014/15 (Word)
Template I5 External examiner final checklist form 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance IG (i) Responsibilities of faculties and central university departments 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance IG (ii) Criteria for the approval of external examiners – supplementary information 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance IG (iii) Checklist of documentation for new external examiners 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance IG (iv) Induction of new external examiners and planning of audit of assessment 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance IG (v) Rights and responsibilities of external examiners 2014/15 (Word)
Guidance IG (vi) External Examiner access to StudySpace – to follow
Guidance IG (vii) Student guide to the role of the EE 2014/15 (Word)

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Professional, statutory and regulatory body accreditation or recognition (PSRB)

Section J – Professional, statutory and regulatory body accreditation or recognition (PSRB) (PDF)

Code Document
Form J1
Notification of a new PSRB arrangement or changes to an existing one (Word)

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Student engagement and feedback 2014/15

Section L – Student engagement and feedback 2014/15 (PDF)

Code Document
Guidance LG (i)
Staff student consultative committee (SSCC) – terms of reference 2014/15 (PDF)
Guidance LG (ii)
Faculty board ToR 2014/15 (Word)

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Research degrees (covers Masters by Research, MPhil and PhD)

Section M – Research degrees (covers Masters by Research, MPhil and PhD) (PDF)

Code Document
Guidance GM (i)  Notes for Panel Members for IRPGR 2014/15 (Word)

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Student mobility

Section N – Student mobility (PDF)

Code Document
Form N1
Exchange agreement request (Word)

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