Lloyds Bank management reports 1992 - 2009

The Lloyds Bank/TSB-sponsored series of small business management reports commenced in 1992, and concluded in 2009. In total, 53 printed reports were published over a period of 17 years.

The target respondent audience comprised the owner-managers of independent small businesses, typically employing fewer than 50 staff, and based in mainland UK.

Web Versions

Web versions - Acrobat documents, one per report, and contained in single ZIP file - are derived from the original DTP text and will permit searching.


The themes surveyed were wide-ranging - including such as entrepreneurship, work & stress, employment strategies, and the environment - a full list is shown below. Later reports also include references to related material elsewhere.


Qualitative information was also sought - in the form of verbatim comments about the key theme - to help elaborate on whatever related challenges respondents felt they were facing at the time. The corresponding questionnaire was included as an appendix to each report. Further series details are included in each report as a 2pp. insert.

The findings are primarily intended to be indicative rather than definitive - partly due to the sample size (e.g., 111 respondents on average for the 2003-09 reports).

John Stanworth, Emeritus Professor - University of Westminster.

David Purdy, Visiting Fellow - Kingston University.

© co-authors John Stanworth & David Purdy 2015 (and Graham Bannock for reports 1-19, 1993-97). Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

Lloyds Bank/TSB & SBRT Quarterly Small Business Management Report ISSN 0968-6444

Lloyds TSB & Research Team Small Business Management Report ISSN 1478-7679

Lloyds TSB & SERTeam Small Enterprise Research Report ISSN 1742-9773 No.2 (Vol.1) onwards

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