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SBRC postgraduate opportunities

The Small Business Research Centre welcome enquiries from students interested in postgraduate study for MPhil or PhD in all aspects of entrepreneurship and small business. Enquiries should be directed to Professor Robert Blackburn, Director, SBRC.

A list of our areas of supervisory expertise can be found here. In addition, the specialist interests of individual research staff with respect to entrepreneurship and small business are listed below:

Professor Robert Blackburn

  • Small business management
  • Employment; growth; innovation
  • IP management
  • Environmental practices
  • Business exit
  • Regional and international dimensions
  • Public policy initiatives and evaluations
  • Mixed methods; qualitative and some quantitative approaches.

Professor David Smallbone

  • Entrepreneurship in transition economies
  • Ethnic minority and immigrant entrepreneurship
  • Rural enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship and small business policy in different contexts
  • Internationalisation as a stimulus to innovation in developing countries
  • Women entrepreneurs in a variety of contexts.

Professor Elizabeth Chell

  • The entrepreneurial personality and entrepreneurial process
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Gender issues and entrepreneurship.

Professor Audley Genus

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector
  • Community entrepreneurship and social innovation
  • Responsible innovation
  • Open and user innovation
  • Public and business engagement relating to the promotion of 'green' innovation
  • New approaches to understanding innovation networks.

Professor John Kitching

  • Employment relations
  • Skills, learning and training
  • Small business policy
  • Regulation and business performance
  • Intellectual property.

Professor Dirk De Clercq

  • Management of SMEs
  • SMEs and employee behaviour
  • SME innovation.

Dr Tim Harries

  • SMEs and climate change adaptation
  • SMEs, flooding and flood risk
  • Sustainable energy consumption amongst businesses
  • The management of chronic illness in the workplace
  • Maintaining healthy practices in the workplace.

Dr Marfuga Iskandarova

  • Community entrepreneurship and social innovation
  • Entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector
  • Responsible innovation.

Dr Hang Do

  • Innovation management in SMEs
  • Business sustainability of SMEs
  • Entrepreneurial orientation
  • Small firm performance, firm growth
  • IP management in small firms
  • Born global enterprises / SMEs.

Associate Members and Visiting Professors

(those in italics are members of staff at Kingston University)

  • Professor Friederike Welter, University of Siegen, Germany
  • Professor Anne Kovalainen, Turku School of Entrepreneurship, Finland
  • Professor Jarna Heinonen, Turku School of Entrepreneurship, Finland
  • Professor Robin Jarvis, Brunel University
  • Professor David Stokes.

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