Dr Tim Harries


I am a behavioural scientist specialising in individual responses to flood hazards, sustainable consumption challenges and health risks. I have particular expertise in qualitative and mixed-methods but have also published quantitative research, including analyses of randomised controlled trials. While a Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty (2011-2020) I won grants totalling £250K and published papers in Environment & Planning A, Global Environmental Change, International Small Business Journal, Sociology of Health & Illness and the European Journal of Marketing. I also taught research methods and social marketing, and supervised five PhD students. Previously, I was Senior Researcher at the National Centre for Social Research, Research Fellow at Flood Hazard Research Centre, ESRC Placement Fellow at Defra Flood Management and ESRC Post-Doctoral Fellow at King's College London. I am now a Visiting Researcher in the Faculty. 

Academic responsibilities

Visiting Researcher


  • PhD, Middlesex University
  • MSc, Social Research Methods (Social Psychology), London School of Economics
  • BA, Politics and Literature, University of York
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Teaching and learning

While at Kinston, I led an undergraduate module on Market Research Methods and an MRes module on Qualitative Data Analysis. I also contributed classes on Social Marketing to undergraduate courses in Midwifery and Marketing and made contributions to master's courses in Disaster Management and Managing the Creative Industries. 

Previously, I taught an undergraduate module in Social Research Methods (London South Bank University), a master's module in Survey Design (King's College London) and a master's module in Environmental Science and Public Policy (King's College London).

Qualifications and expertise

  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • Expertise in teaching research methods to undergraduates and postgraduates


I have particular expertise in qualitative interviewing and qualitative discourse analysis and randomised controlled trials. Past research projects include:

- Promoting resilience in the reinstatement of flooded homes and small business premises (Defra)

- Small business resilience to flood risk (EPSRC)

- Using digital feedback to influence domestic electricity consumption (EPSRC)

- Using randomised controlled trials to test the effects of digital feedback on sustainability- and health-related behaviours (EPSRC)

- Understanding the self-management practices of teenagers with type-1 diabetes (SWaN)

Areas of specialism

  • Changing energy-consuming behaviours in the home
  • Encouraging domestic adaptation to flood risk
  • Running randomised controlled trials
  • Qualitative interviewing and analysis

Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


Number of items: 32.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Mcewan, Lindsey, Wragg, Amanda and Harries, Tim (2016) Increasing small business resilience to flood risk : co-production in the development of a prototype e-learning tool to promote small business adaptation to flood risk. In: 3rd European Conference on Flood Risk Management (FLOODrisk 2016); 17 - 21 Oct 2016, Lyon, France. ISSN (online) 2267-1242 ISBN 9781510833609

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Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

My engagement with stakeholders in flood risk management was selected by Kingston University for submission as an Impact Case Study for the REF2021.

In 2017, I was awarded a Project Excellence Award (Customer Engagement) by the Environment Agency for my development (with Professor McEwen) of a webtool for promoting flood risk adaptation amongst small businesses. 

I have provided consultancy services to Defra, British Gas, the National Flood Forum and Collingwood Environmental Planning. 

Social media

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