Research and knowledge exchange at Kingston Business School

Through our research and knowledge exchange, we challenge, change, create and collaborate to generate new insights, contribute to society, and impact upon the economy

The research and knowledge exchange culture in Kingston Business School is led by our community of independent scholars. Our experienced researchers and practitioners frequently drive projects with external partners and funders. They work together with our early career research staff who are also forging ahead and establishing new connections in their own right.

Our doctoral students bring a critical perspective to issues of significance for responsible businesses operating in an increasingly complex environment, a situation calling for astute responses to address societal challenges and exploit new opportunities.

Research and knowledge exchange activity is embedded in all academic departments of the AACSB accredited Kingston Business School – across Accounting, Finance and Informatics; Management; and Strategy, Marketing and Innovation. Further, our dedicated hubs of excellence provide focal points for research and knowledge exchange in more specific areas and a network of internal and external collaborators for our academics.

The Small Business Research Centre alone has accumulated expertise over 30 years; 2016 UK business population estimates indicate that of the total number of businesses approximately 99% have fewer than 50 employees – with the proportion of small and medium size enterprises comparably significant worldwide the importance of study and understanding of this category continues.

The interests of our academics and our responses to issues of importance in the world underpin our research groupings and wider research. Cross-cutting themes within Kingston Business School include sustainable entrepreneurship and responsible innovation, governance in finance and accountability, consumer and employee behaviour research, foresight, creativity and decision-making research, as well as the future of work and organisations, all with a mix of local and global perspectives.

Research degrees

We offer various degree options in a range of subjects areas. Our goal is to produce future researcher leaders who are able to demonstrate excellence in their field, undertake collaborative work, and disseminate and publish leading outputs that can influence stakeholders.

Excellence and sharing insights

As well as publishing in top journals and via a range of media, many of our academics are editors and board members for diverse journals in the field and thereby enhance our experience as well as our external influence. In the latest UK research assessment exercise, the Research Excellence Framework 2021, 55% of our research activity and 50% of our research impact was deemed internationally excellent or world-leading by the panel.

Our academics are keen to share their work to ensure that emerging insights are benefited from as widely as possible and many provide consultancy services to business and governmental organisations. A busy programme of events provides opportunities for showcasing work and further opportunities for collaboration. Our community frequently welcomes guest speakers offering new angles from which to view issues of significance for business and management research. Most of our events are open for participation by anyone interested, both internally and externally.

While scholarly engagement within Kingston Business School undoubtedly contributes to the academic vibrancy of the University, helping to engender a positive, supportive and open research culture, as well as shaping world-relevant and innovative learning and teaching agendas, our research also contributes to a meaningful impact on the economy, society and the environment.