Kingston Business School research students

PhD students

Alemzadeh, Seyed Mohammed
Doctoral topic: Analysing the impact of technology characteristics on the creation of university spin-outs (the case of UK universities)

Abrams, Ruth
Doctoral topic: The journey and social constructions of UK-based job applicants

Alenzi, Fawaz A
Doctoral topic: Internationalization of SMEs in Least Developed Countries (LDCs): A Resource-based view

Aleshaiwi, Alia
Doctoral topic: Working title: Investigating consumer food waste in Saudi Arabia

Aljarallah, Mohamed
Doctoral topic: Structure and Operations of Financial Regulatory Authority

Alsoaery, Abdulrahman

Asipovich, Alesia
Doctoral topic: Examining the enabling and constraining influences of visa regulations on immigrant entrepreneurship

Barreto, Ronelle
Doctoral topic: Temporary employment agency work in South Africa

Batul Zaidi, Syeda Farheen

Baazeem Rami
Doctoral topic: The religion effect on the use and the privacy on the social media

Babarinde, Ibukunolu David
Doctoral topic: Socio-Cultural Dynamics and Impacts of Employment Relations: A Case Study of Labour Dispute Resolution in Nigerian Universities

Buhaymid, May
Doctoral topic: The impact of studying abroad on students change and self development

Burton, Helen
Doctoral topic: What do you do when your career script runs out?

Butt, Eglé
Doctoral topic: Politeness, severity and risk communication

Champagnie, Leigh - Job Market Candidate

Chandra, Gaurav
Doctoral topic: To analyse the impact of religiosity on Indian small and medium businesses in U.K. and to identify common elements and to test them against religion for the purpose of this research.

Di Maddaloni, Francesco
Doctoral topic: Local community stakeholders in megaprojects: rethinking their inclusiveness to improve project performance

Fabiano, Gianluca
Doctoral topic: Value of pharmaceutical innovation

Godfree, Kate
Doctoral topic: Obesity discrimination within the workplace

Grillo, Alessandro
Doctoral topic: Political Marketing and Social Media

Hattar, Christine

Hinkson, Dilys
Doctoral topic: HR interventions for improving employee engagement.

Idris, Bochra
Doctoral topic: Networks and SMEs internationalisation

Imarhiagbe, Bernard
Doctoral topic: SME Access to finance

Ivanova, Anna
Doctoral topic: Investigation of Relationship Between Brand Love and Customer Perceived Value

Jensen, Barbara
Doctoral topic: Consumer purchase intention and behaviour in the ethical context

Jones, Kate
Doctoral topic: The psychological processes underpinning consumer evaluation of imitation brands

Karim, Norish
Doctoral topic: Female entrepreneurship in Malaysia: Experiences and definition of success

Kashmoula, Mohammad
Doctoral topic: The impact of academic spinoffs on the skills of academics involved in the process

Kasperova, Eva
Doctoral topic: How do disabled people form entrepreneurial identity?

Khajeh, Ehsan
Doctoral topic: Investigating Optimum Length of Physical Queues at Businesses and Its Impact on Customers' Decision to Join such Queues

Kode, Florence
Doctoral topic: Union Responses to the Surge of Precarious Work in Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry

Malik, Rizwan
Doctoral topic: An Economic Analysis of Shari'a Compliant Investing: Combining the Qualitative and Quantitative

Molinari, Carolina
Doctoral topic: Qualitative and quantitative information in environmental risk disclosure

Mongkol, Suthinee
Doctoral topic: The Role of Interorganisational Networks in Foreign Market Exploitation by SMEs: A Case Study of Thailand's Food SMEs

Monjed, Hend
Doctoral topic: Examining the association between risk disclosure and income smoothing

Moon, Karis
Doctoral topic: Understanding healthcare workers motivation for getting vaccinated against the flu.

Ojodu, Hameed Omotola

Oliva, Cristina

Parkes, Richard
Doctoral topic: Business Founder exit as an entrepreneurial process

Price, Alison

Protopapa, Ilia
Doctoral topic: Brand Alliances and Consumers' Perceptions of Value.

Quamina, La Toya
Doctoral topic: Spill Over Effects of Negative Events in Brand Alliances

Rakeeb, Fathima
Doctoral topic: Idiosyncratic Volatility Dynamics - Evidence from UK

Razzak, BM
Doctoral topic: The working life of employees in the context of UK SMEs of Bangladeshi origin

Rozic, Ivana
Doctoral topic: The effects of discretionary accruals and real activities manipulations on reported earnings of SMEs in the UK

Schnitzler, Katy
Doctoral topic: Gendered discourses within selection and recruitment: a platform for gender discrimination?

Seeger, Sabine

Doctoral topic: Interactions between professional advisors and senior executive clients: An inductive investigation into client decision making and selection of advisors.

Soon, Juan Lee
Doctoral topic: CSR logics of SMEs

Tharani, Taslim
Doctoral topic: Interventions to foster authentic leadership

Udegbe, Ijeoma
Doctoral topic: Engagement at work

Vignardi, Melissa
Doctoral topic: Word of Mouth

Yohanna, Babangida Kure - Job Market Candidate
Doctoral topic: A cross-regional and cross-border impact of London venture capital fund at deal level

DBA students

Amgheib, Ali
Doctoral topic: Norms and Adaptation.

Bukhshtaber, Natalia
Doctoral topic: Export Market Performance and its antecedents:An Empirical Model of UK Organisations.

Castello, Jaime
Doctoral topic: An Empirical Investigation on the influence of Industry context on the effectiveness of KAM initiatives.

Hayler, Dennis
Doctoral topic: Outsourcing as a source of sustainable competitive advantage in the electronics industry.

Hunter, Stella
Doctoral topic: How industries with a high percentage of knowledge workers have adopted Business Process Management methodologies and technology.

Melehi, Dina

Okusaga, Enitan

Profit, Seth

Zoltan, Der