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Kingston University Business School has become a strategic partner with The Selby Centre to provide a high-quality business support programme to businesses across London. Kingston University Business School will be providing a series of engaging and informative workshops to startups, pre-startups and SME's. Each series is specifically tailored to enhance the resilience, productivity and growth potential of local businesses, safeguarding jobs and creating new ones.

Kingston University Business School will also be providing an mentoring program to run alongside the workshops, aimed at supporting participants to take what they have learned and really embed it in their businesses.

Kingston University is proud to work hand in hand with The Selby Centre to deliver economic growth to the local economy. The Selby Centre is a centre of excellence for collaborative charity and social businesses working together to create community wealth and support.

If you are a London-based business, you can register on the Selby website by clicking the orange button below.

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