ArchiveKSA is a digital archiving and curating programme of the histories, memories, artefacts and ephemera relating to Kingston School of Art, past and present. It is based at Kingston University's Kingston School of Art at Knights Park and was supported by HLF funding.

Our rich and diverse history can be traced back to the first art classes in Kingston town centre from 1874–5, the School of Art and Technical Instruction opened in 1899 on Kingston Hall Road, and the 1939 purpose-built Kingston School of Art on the banks of the Hogsmill that we inhabit in its expanded form to the present day.

The archive takes its themes from the School's disciplines, students and staff. It displays curated collections as features or can be searched by discipline, practitioner or decade.

Collections include, for example, retrospectives on artists, architects, illustrators and designers; definitive fashion collections; and ground-breaking competition winners. The collections are evocative and inspirational, including portfolios, exhibitions and images of art school life for over a century.

For more information

If you would like to visit the material archive, contribute to the collection or find out more about how to be involved in this ongoing research project, please contact Professor Fran Lloyd, Project Director.