Portfolio requirements

Thank you for your interest in our courses at Kingston School of Art. For courses for which this is a requirement, you will be asked to submit your portfolio online in order that we can progress your application.

All communications with Kingston University regarding your initial application will be by email. You will receive a confirmation that we have received your application, so do check your email inboxes and junk mail box in case it has gone there and ensure you mark anything from Kingston as ‘not junk mail' so you don't miss anything.

Portfolios for Foundation Studies in Art & Design Diploma (One year)

Please see our Foundation Studies in Art & Design Diploma course pages to find out more information about what is expected for your portfolio, Open Day information and key deadlines.

Portfolios for undergraduate courses

Once you have applied and Kingston has received your application via UCAS, you will either be invited for interview and be requested to bring your portfolio to your interview, or you will receive an automatic email request for your portfolio in order to progress your application. If you are requested to upload a portfolio, the email you receive will tell you how to submit your portfolio but we have listed some details below for your information. Please note that if you do not meet our minimum entry requirements, a decision may be made on your application prior to submission of a portfolio.

What happens next?

If you are invited for interview, we will be in contact with you by email giving details of a date, time and a reminder to bring your portfolio to your interview. All home students together with International students based in the UK will be required to attend an interview, if invited to the next stage of the admissions process. Once your portfolio and application has been reviewed, if it is not successful, you will be notified of this decision via your UCAS Track.

Portfolios for postgraduate courses

We accept online applications only via our website.

You may upload your portfolio at the end of the online application process or once you have submitted your online application, you will receive an automatic email request for your portfolio in order to progress your application. If you are requested to upload a portfolio, the email you receive will tell you how to submit your portfolio.

What happens next?

Once we have received your completed online application you will receive an email request for your portfolio, if the course you have applied for requires one. This email will tell you what we require in your portfolio but we have added some details below just for information.

Our Postgraduate Admissions Team may contact you directly for further information, either before or after your online portfolio has been reviewed. You will receive the outcome of your application via email to the account you indicated on your application form.

Portfolio guidelines

Please provide a maximum of 20 images of your work, and if you have not already done so, a 300 word personal statement which should support your application for your chosen course at Kingston University. The personal statement, if required, should be the final page of your portfolio. The preferred format used to present your portfolio is either a single PDF document/PowerPoint presentation file under 50MB or a Flickr / Vimeo link. Please put the link to your portfolio in a Word document and upload it. Your compressed file must be under 50MB.

Further guidance on how to compress and upload your portfolio to your OSIS account will be sent to you by email from the Admissions Team once an application is received.

Please carefully select and edit your work to produce an exciting, creative and representative portfolio which informs us about your skills, interests and ambitions.

Your portfolio should include a:

  • selection of your student work (if relevant)
  • selection of your professional work (if relevant)
  • examples of preparatory creative work (for example, images from your sketchbooks).

Portfolio submission

If you are asked to upload a portfolio, you will need to upload your zipped portfolio to your online OSIS account. You will receive a separate email with your log-in and user name for your OSIS account.

For more information

Please contact:

Kingston School of Art Admissions Office
Tel: +44 (0)203 308 9930
Email: KSAAdmissions@Kingston.ac.uk