Wireless Multimedia and Networking Research Group

The Wireless Multimedia and Networking (WMN) research group carries out fundamental and applied research on wireless communications and networking, media streaming and closely related fields. It investigates adaptive delivery of media information with an adequate quality of service and quality of experience.

The research activity relies on the different fields of information theory, signal processing and applied mathematics, communication theory, wireless networking and security. The group is active in a number of international collaborations and the research activity is performed in the framework of national and European projects and in tight link with the main European and International fora in the field (eg. IEEE, Wireless World Research Forum, Networld2020, VQEG).

Research themes

The areas of research of the group are summarised in the following topics:

  • Video streaming
  • Quality of Experience (QoE) evaluation and management
  • Video quality assessment
  • Cross-layer design for wireless multimedia transmission
  • Cross-layer and system optimisation for Virtual Distributed Testbeds (VDT)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Neuromorphic vision sensors data analysis and transmission
  • Resource allocation and scheduling for wireless media transmission to multiple users
  • Cognitive radio and SDR
  • Mobility management for wireless networks and systems
  • Wireless security
  • 5G and 6G wireless systems
  • Light Field Imaging
  • High Dynamic Range Video
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D / Stereoscopic video
  • Video broadcasting
  • Optimisation of image / video coding
  • Error resilient image / video coding
  • Decision theory and frame synchronization
  • Machine learning for quality assessment and wireless systems
  • Advanced routing protocols for MANETs
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) network for post-disaster communication
  • Machine learning for wireless heterogeneous networks
  • 5G D2D communication and 5G IoT/M2M
  • The security aspect of IoT
  • Applications of game theory to security
  • Emergency communications for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR)
  • Application of wireless technologies to healthcare areas
  • Medical image processing


  • Quality assessment of light field imaging (IEEE Standards Association)
  • The Internet of Silicon Retinas (IOSIRE): Machine-to-machine communications for neuromorphic vision sensing data (EPSRC)
  • DARE: Distributed Autonomous and Resilient Emergency Management System (EPSRC)
  • 5G Key Performance Indicators (VQEG)
  • No reference video quality assessment (VQEG)
  • Human Factors for Visual Experiences (VQEG)
  • Quality assessment for computer generated imagery (VQEG)
  • Quality assessment for health applications (VQEG)
  • A novel, marketable solution capable of guaranteeing seamless, dynamic and reliable wireless communication over multiple communication bearers (Innovate UK)
  • An innovative, secure solution for remote door intercom, remote door CCTV, and remote door access control (Innovate UK)
  • Quality-driven multi-user resource allocation and scheduling for delay-sensitive multimedia applications (industry)
  • Medical Image/Video compression and transmission over next generation (wireless) IP networks (industry)
  • Development of a prototype (TSB)
  • Effect of video compression on the performance of video analytics in security applications (Home Office)
  • Cross-layer rate control and scheduling for video transmission over WiMax (Royal Society)
  • Cardiovascular Disease Management (British Council)
  • Improving the quality of experience for live streaming of concerts (industry)

Example European Projects

  • QoE-Net, EU Horizon 2020
  • Qualinet, EU COST
  • 3D ConTourNet, EU COST
  • Proactive, EU FP7 ICT

Find out more

For more information, please contact group leader, Professor Maria Martini.

Members of the group


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr Shaymaa Al Juboori
  • Dr Marina Isaac

Honorary / visiting researchers

  • Dr Jayasingam Adhuran
  • Dr Nabajeet Barman
  • Dr Eugenio Gutierrez
  • Dr Peter Kara
  • Dr Nabeel Khan
  • Aqib Mirza

Postgraduate researchers (PhD candidates)


  • Dr Femi Adeyemi-Ejeye
  • Dr Olayinka Adigun
  • Amina Al Rockabi
  • Dr Rafay Ansari
  • Dr Harsha Appuhami Ralalage
  • Mr Marco Brandas
  • Dr Anthony Clarke
  • Dr Fariborz Entezami
  • Dr Mohsen Firoozbacht
  • Dr Chaminda T.E.R. Hewage
  • Dr Mehri Hosseinpour
  • Dr Boladale Isawhe
  • Dr Alexandros Ladas
  • Dr Louai Maghrabi
  • Dr Razaak Manzoor
  • Dr Ahoora Mehdi Toussi
  • Dr Grant P. Millar
  • Dr Valdemar Monteiro
  • Dr Karim Nasr
  • Dr Moustafa Mazin Nasralla
  • Dr Ognen Ognenoski
  • Dr Peter Omiyi
  • Dr Emmanouil Panaousis
  • Dr Mahdi Pirmoradian
  • Dr Arvind Ramrekha
  • Dr Helena Rifa-Pous
  • Dr Silvia Rossi
  • Dr Hadi Saki
  • Dr Barbara Villarini
  • Dr Lasith Yasakethu