Science, Engineering and Computing postgraduate researcher induction and enrolment

All postgraduate research students must attend enrolment and ALL University induction and Faculty induction events as shown below - this is a requirement for all full-time and part-time students.

Please see the separate induction schedules below for further information.

Summary of key dates March 2019

Date Event Campus Venue

Wednesday 6 March,

Please ensure that you have completed Stage 1 enrolment online before this event. International students must have their BRP in order to enrol.

Penrhyn Road To be confirmed

Thursday 7 March,

University Graduate School
Induction and Introduction to your research degree
Professor Felicity Colman,
University Director of Graduate Research Programmes

Penrhyn Road JG3003, John Galsworthy Building

Friday 8 March,

Faculty induction Penrhyn Road JG2011, John Galsworthy Building


You are advised to use public transport as there is no on-site parking for students, and parking in the surrounding area is very limited.

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Postgraduate research student enrolment

All postgraduate research students must attend enrolment and both University induction and Faculty induction events - this is a
requirement for all full-time and part-time students - please see the separate Summary of Key Dates and Faculty induction schedule for further information.

Please ensure that you read all the information below carefully.

When does enrolment take place?

All Postgraduate Research students are required to attend an enrolment session on Wednesday 6 March 2019 from 2.00pm - 4.00pm. Room number to be confirmed.

What must I bring?

  • Your offer letter
  • Your passport
  • Your visa (if applicable)
  • Biometric residence permit (BRP) (if you entering the UK on a visa)*
  • Your original qualification documents (if you are studying on a Tier 4 visa)
  • If your course fees are being sponsored, a letter on company letterhead, confirming the amount (£) being sponsored and details of who the invoice should be sent to

Please note: if you fail to bring any of these documents, you will not be able to complete your enrolment

* International students will not be able to enrol at the University until they have their BRP. See here for further details.

International students: make sure you have looked at pre-arrival information.

How does enrolment work?

Enrolment is a 2-stage process:

Stage One (online): you need to register/check your personal details online through the University's Online Student Information System (OSIS) and complete fee assessment. To save time on the day, you should do this at least 48 hours before the enrolment session. You will receive an email with the link and instructions in advance.

Stage Two (on campus): you must do this part at the University, in person, as stated above

At the enrolment session, the enrolment team will check that we have all your details, confirm that you have paid the necessary tuition fees that are due (where applicable), and how the balance of your fees are going to be paid (where applicable) as well as issuing you with a Kingston University student ID card.

What happens if I don't do Stage One in advance?

You must complete this stage before you attend your induction/enrolment. If you haven't been able to register online before you arrive, you will be able to do so on the day you complete Stage Two. However, if you want to avoid delays and make your enrolment process faster, we advise you to complete Stage One before you arrive.

What must I do before I arrive?

  • Ensure you have completed the fee assessment questionnaire, even if you have previously studied at Kingston, and/or your fees are being paid by the Faculty or a sponsor, as this is required whenever you start a new course
  • Complete Stage One (online)
  • Collect your BRP (if applicable)
  • Ensure you have all the documents required to enrol (see "what must I bring?")

Please note: until you complete your enrolment Stage Two you won't have an ID card or access to many of the University's resources.

What about tuition fees?

All tuition fees can be paid by direct debit - further information is available on our money matters page.

All overseas fee-paying students must pay 50% of the full tuition fee amount at the point of enrolment, even if they are sponsored for part of their tuition fee. The remaining 50% must be paid on receipt of invoice or by instalments in line with the University's payment plan.

If you wish to pay by instalments, you must contact Credit Control to arrange this (see the Money Matters booklet for further information).
If part of your tuition fee is being paid by the Faculty or University, this amount will be deducted from the remaining 50% of the tuition fee.


All Postgraduate Research students must attend both the University induction and Faculty induction events - this is a core requirement for all full-time and part-time students.

The dates of both events are included in the Key Dates >

Faculty induction day schedule >

Graduate Research Structured Programme induction day schedule >

Directions to the Kingston University campuses >

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