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Help us undertake vital research that shapes government policy in the United Kingdom and makes important contributions to public life across the globe. By donating to the Kingston University Research Fund, you will support research that have a direct impact on many of the major scientific and intellectual challenges of today.

World leading research

In the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF), 70% of our research was considered either world leading or internationally excellent.

The featured case studies below highlight the outstanding research produced here at Kingston – just a few examples of what your contribution to the Research Fund can help us deliver. 

Featured case studies

Improving end-of-life care for those with disabilities

Making life's end easier for those with intellectual disabilities.

Busy nightclub lit by lasers and pink light

Nightclubs' contribution to evolution of design

Bringing international attention to the design of nightlife.

Fixperts: Making as public good

How fixing everyday problems has driven creative problem-solving.

Overcoming trauma through creative writing

Storytelling method supports recovery from trauma.

Advancing anti-doping for clean sport

Assessing doping prevalence and promoting clean sport behaviour.

Bright laser-like blue beams of light

Improving services through wireless networks

Advancing wireless and multimedia technologies.

Interior of shop, with items for sale

A gender-neutral HPV vaccination programme

Health economics research contributes to NHS policy change.

Product development at tyre manufacturer Pirelli

Framework accelerates innovation and development.