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Entry requirements for students from Romania

Language requirements

All students from outside the United Kingdom need to meet our English language requirements. These depend on whether you are applying for undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Academic requirements

Undergraduate qualifications
Diplomă de Bacalaureat 7–9
Diplomă/Certificat de Absolvire a Şcolii Profesionale
Postgraduate qualifications
Diplomă de Licenţă
Diplomă de Urbanist Diplomat
Diplomă de Inginer

Some courses have different entry requirements to those listed above.

Depending on courses, you may need to meet the specific requirements for Mathematics as well.

Some Art and Design courses require the minimum grade and a Foundation diploma in Art and Design is preferred.

All Arts, Design & Architecture applicants are expected to have studied an Art and Design/Visual Art subject as they are requested to provide a portfolio of work with their application.

Please note: Each application is assessed on an individual basis and may be subject to additional requirements, such as undertaking shorts course(s), work experience and/or English language qualifications(s). Meeting particular minimum entry requirements does not automatically guarantee a place.

You can also view our undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

If you are unsure about the requirements above, you can contact the admissions administrator on the relevant course page.

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