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Advanced Product Design Engineering Masters & Manufacturing (MSc): After you graduate

What our graduates say

Check out what our graduates have gone on to do and how studying at Kingston helped them achieve their goals.

Liam Alexander Ward

Name: Liam Alexander Ward
Course:  Advanced Product Design Engineering MSc

If, like me, you're from a product design background but looking for a more technical understanding of why products are made in the forms they are, from the materials they are, and in the ways they are, you'll surely find this course extremely interesting.

I think I made the mistake of assuming it would be a year of advanced Solidworks techniques, manufacturing theory, 'sketch to CAD' modeling, and maybe some rapid prototyping, but from the first module I discovered the depth of tuition and content would be far greater than I originally thought.

Honestly, in the first few weeks I was out of my depth because I lacked the applied mathematical and engineering experience to grasp much of the content. I didn't see this as an excuse to give up, but a reason to change my way of thinking and approach to the knowledge that was being delivered in a way that I would absorb it efficiently.

I couldn't have achieved this without the support of my peers and the university lecturers who gave me the confidence to take any of the range of engineering topics covered and study it independently to gain the relevant learning necessary to succeed in each respective assignment. I needed to be open and honest about the information I didn't understand, and the patience of each lecturer there was testament to their professionalism and excellence as teachers of complex information.

I really can't stress enough the brilliance of the lecturers at Kingston University, specifically those that taught on modules I was fortunate enough to be a part of. The course I took was a perfect division of theoretical and practical project work, giving students exposure to industry-specific software, techniques and insight. At a time when I wasn't being inspired at my place of work, going back to study at Kingston University has certainly given me the correct knowledge exposure and opened up all the right doors to begin a more prosperous career in engineering.

The degree on my CV allowed me to interview at many fantastic companies such as Cambridge Consultants, Crossrail, and Wilde Analysis, including the company I'm at now. I work as a contractor at an up and coming design engineering firm based in London. One of my criteria was to remain in London, so it's perfect for me, and I get to work on many exciting projects in the areas of precision engineering, oil and gas system design, and hydraulics.

Most recently, due to the technical nature of the degree and the specific software I had used in my thesis (ANSYS LS-Dyna), I had an email from the head of human resources at Rolls Royce asking if I was interested in working in their submarine department as a stress engineer.


Panagiotis Patrinos

Name: Panagiotis Patrinos
Course: Advanced Product Design Engineering MSc

"My decision to undertake an MSc in engineering goes back to 2011 when I understood that I wanted to be something more than a simple engineer who uses the existing knowledge in the field. I wanted to be innovative and creative at the same time.

Having already a BSc(Hons) in mechanical engineering and years of experience in applied engineering, I decided to focus on product design engineering, the very next step from an idea to the actual creation of a product. What I was looking for was to be able to follow the market requirements in our modern world and put myself a step in front of what the industry is looking for.

All of my questions found an answer at Kingston University and more specifically on a full-time MSc in Advanced Product Design Engineering under the supervision of Dr Redha Benhadj-Djilali. This course not only gave me the knowledge of the latest cutting-edge software but a full understanding of the entire product development cycle.

The projects that I had to complete gave me an understanding of how an engineer has to think in order to create innovative ideas and furthermore it gave me the opportunity to create links with engineers and engineering companies, such as McLaren, that apply innovative ideas every day. My final project was based on one of the most advanced CAD/CAM software made by Siemens, the UGS NX. The main objective of this project is the use of advanced CAM graphical techniques to demonstrate rapid product development which is obtained from the generation of the geometry information of a CAD model and then converted into the cutter path generation using UGS NX7.5. After this project not only I was able to understand the product cycle on detail but also gave clear message to the industry on who I am and what I can achieve under the guidance of experienced mentors. Last but not least, my degree is fully accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), one of the most recognised engineering institutions in the world.   

The outcome of having an MSc from Kingston University is that world-leading companies are aware of the success of the University creating quality engineers and they are more than willing to direct request of qualified engineers. I have personally worked already as a design engineer for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Frontier Pitts and now I am an experienced design engineer at Siemens Energy. These companies are not only looking for good engineers but the best that they can find in order for them to continue their vision to improve our quality of life.

Kingston University gave me the key to open the door to success. So I can confidently say that it was the best investment that I could have ever done."  


Ceren Altay Ocal

Name: Ceren Altay Ocal
Course: Advanced Product Design MSc

After five years of experience in aircraft industry as a design specialist, I decided to do a masters degree in design engineering. Investigating the curriculum of several other universities' master programmes, I found the Advanced Product Design Engineering MSc in Kingston University to be the most updated and beneficial programme which is related to the industry.

The course content is not all theoretical, but also gives practical approach to design engineering. The tools which are used on this course, such as NX and Solidworks open a wide range of opportunities after graduation. There are wide range of modules such as stress analysis, web programming and project management. According to the area of interest, students can specialise on the field they need.

During this course, I decided to establish my own limited company. I have found the chance to use the knowledge and skills I achieved from this course, as it is practical and industry oriented. The ability to use several different CAD tools, appreciate the principles of fatigue stress analysis, tooling design and manufacturing simulations have enhanced my knowledge as a design engineer. Focusing on composites on my dissertation strengthened my career as a composite designer.

After having this degree, finding new clients and companies to work with got easier and my company is involved in big projects such as Airbus A350XWB, A320Neo with international companies. Apart from mechanical engineering, I also had requests from industrial product design sector, which I also find very interesting.

Kingston University has a very impressive laboratories and learning resources. It is a very organised university and has a good reputation in mechanical engineering, it is also fully accredited by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

This course is not only interesting, but also very important to prove that you are specialised on your subject and dedicated to follow your career path. It opens a wide range of opportunities, so I highly recommend Advanced Product Design Engineering MSc at Kingston University for engineers who want to dig deeper into design.


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This course is taught at Roehampton Vale

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*Calls cost 7p per minute from a UK landline plus your phone company's access charge. Calls to this number from mobiles are normally deductible from your inclusive minutes.


This course is taught at Roehampton Vale

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