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Postgraduate loans

A guide to postgraduate student loans 2022/23 for UK and EU students resident in England


Postgraduate student loans – key facts*

Student loans are available for postgraduate masters degrees in eligible subjects, including taught and research programmes. Postgraduate certificates (PGCerts), postgraduate diplomas (PGDips) or PhD courses are excluded.

These loans are provided by the Student Loans Company (SLC).

How much?

Loan up to a maximum of £11,863** for students starting a masters degree in 2022/23 to contribute towards tuition fees, study expenses or living costs (paid directly to the student).

Who? English domiciled students and EU nationals who have settled status in the UK (under EU settlement scheme
Where? Eligible UK universities.

6% of income over £21,000 per year. Interest is charged at Retail Price Index*** (RPI) +3% = 6.1% as of 2019/20.

If you are living in the UK: Your employer will deduct repayments when your salary is the minimum amount. You must repay any undergraduate student loans you have at the same time.

If you are living outside the UK: If you go abroad for more than three months after you finish or leave your course, you must let the SLC know to make arrangements to repay your postgraduate loan.


Applicants must be under 60 years old and not already hold masters level qualifications. You can apply for a postgraduate loan even if you have an existing undergraduate loan.****

Note: you still have to repay your student loan if you don't complete your course.

How to apply?

Applications will be available either online at the Student Finance England website, or you can download and print the application forms to send by post.

Note: You must apply for a loan up to 9 months of the start date of either the first or second year of your course.*****

* This information is for guidance purposes and may be subject to change.

** Universities and colleges can charge different fees for postgraduate courses and this is not set by the Government.

*** RPI the Retail Price Index is a measure of UK inflation. The UK Government uses the rate of RPI to set the interest rate charged on student loans.

**** You can apply for a postgraduate loan if you have a postgraduate qualification below masters level, e.g. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) or Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip).

***** Student Finance England (SFE) is a service provided by the Student Loans Company (SLC) on behalf of the Government to students from England and the EU entering higher education in England.

For further information or if you have queries about financial support for postgraduate students, please email

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Updated 28 November 2018

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