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KTP helps Selectamark develop new e-commerce platform

Selectamark offers a range of crime reduction solutions in the UK and overseas, specialising in property marking and identification supported by websites, e-commerce platforms and web applications.

The challenge

Prior to the project with Kingston, Selectamark's web-based systems were developed and hosted by third parties, some of which no longer provided customer support for their older products, causing the infrastructure to become fragmented.

Project summary

The KTP employed Joe Dixon, a Kingston Web Development and Media Technology graduate. The project addressed the problem of disjointed computing infrastructure by developing expertise within Selectamark and bringing necessary skills and resources in-house. Both sides of the partnership provided software, usability and security testing expertise that was applied to develop a single, secure platform on which all of Selectamark's web and e-commerce applications are now deployed.

"The KTP has enabled us to develop a web and e-commerce presence that not only gives us a competitive edge in the UK but has also positioned Selectamark as a market leader on the global stage." - Andrew Knights, Managing Director of Selectamark

The outcomes

The new platform has improved flexibility, achieved significant cost savings in development and hosting, and helped Selectamark to secure new contracts. Having all systems developed in-house also means the company can plan new developments better and react to business demands more efficiently, enhancing its reputation as a leader in its sector.

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