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Orientation programme for Summer School students

The orientation programme on 4 July 2019 is the first formal session you will attend. It gives you the chance to meet your fellow students and the Summer School staff.

The full-day programme will include:

  • enrolment as a Kingston University student;
  • an information session on the summer programme in general;
  • information on computing and library facilities;
  • a tour of the campus and library facilities;
  • a walking tour of Kingston town centre;
  • information on the local area;
  • information on travelling to London and further afield; and
  • social activity in the evening in a local pub.

On Saturday 6 July there will be a 'photo frenzy' competition that will involve going around central London in groups to familiarise you with the public transport system, and to help you start making the most of your one-month travelcard during your stay.

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