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Tolworth Court sports ground hire charges for 2020/21 season

All prices exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

Grass pitches Regular bookings* One off
Football/rugby match† £143 £155
Mini soccer (pitch per hour) £47 £60
Training on grass per hour (half pitch area with floodlights)‡ £76 £89
Training on grass per hour (half pitch area without floodlights)‡ £57 £71
Cricket match £200 £220

*Please contact the First Response and Administration Team (Sports Bookings) using the details below in event of queries.

†Extensions on match time – £25 per hour or part thereof.

‡Half pitch bookings are not to exceed 20 persons training within that area.

Multi-sport hard court area (per hour) Regular bookings* One off
Whole area (football/netball/tennis) with floodlights £60 £72
Whole area (football/netball/tennis) without floodlights £48 £53
Single netball court (with floodlights) £43 £48
Single netball court (without floodlights) £38 £43
Cricket wickets Regular bookings* One off
Standard match – main square £200 £220
Standard match – other square or artificial £178 £189
Twenty20 match – main square £145 £158
Twenty20 match – artificial wicket £105 £114
Training (per hour) – artificial wicket £24 £39

Junior teams (excluding mini soccer pitches)

  • U11 teams: 50% off prices
  • U12 U16 teams: 40% off prices

All bookings and enquiries to:

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