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Water consumption at Kingston University

We commit to reduce our water consumption by 15% by 2015 (compared to 2005 levels).

How are we doing this?

Kingston Hill\'s Business School buildingRainwater harvesting

The University has rainwater harvesting for two of our major buildings – John Galsworthy Building and the Business School. Both can store 10,000 litres of water for use in toilet cistern flushing saving the University huge amounts of water. It is better to flush toilets with rainwater as other ‘potable' water such as that we drink or (in most cases) flush our toilets with at home is expensive and energy intensive to process.

Trialling waterless urinals

Penrhyn Road\'s John Galsworthy buildingIn Autumn 2015, we will be trialling waterless urinals on our Penrhyn Road campus. Each new urinal should save around 100 litres of water a year – about the same as one person should drink in seven weeks.

Toilet cistern replacement

Kingston University is currently in the process of replacing all our toilet cisterns with dual-flush mechanisms that help people save water by only using a full flush when it is needed. We have also begun to replace some toilets entirely with new toilets installed with low-flush cisterns.

We communicate with our staff and students about the necessity to save water through both our Student Switch Off and Green Impact projects.

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